Myfashdiary EXCLUSIVELY interviews Designer, Rebecca Minkoff!

February 21
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I recently had the opportunity to interview the uber talented & one of my favorite designers, Rebecca Minkoff! I asked her about the fashion industry, the Middle East, handbags and blogs… Check out her latest footwear collection above (LOVE!) For more, check out Rebecca Minkoff’s website!

When did you realize you wanted to become a designer?
I started sewing at 8 years old and was immediately hooked.  I’ve been designing ever since, to me, it’s more of a passion than a career.
What would you say is the most exciting part of working in the fashion industry?
The constant innovation- it’s truly remarkable seeing collection after collection and watching other designers’ ideas come to life. is based between London and Dubai. Have you ever been to the Middle East or Dubai? Any Future plans?
I’m constantly traveling, and in fact was in the Middle East this past summer! My husband and I took a long overdue vacation and traveled the open sea with our closest friends.
What are the inspirations behind your current collection? 
The Fall 2011 collection is inspired by the modern practicality of my own eclectic style. Unexpected mixed textures- supple leather, rich tweeds, fluid chiffon- the collection is an approachable mix of luxury that chases after bohemian muse Charlotte Kemp Muhl.
What kind of handbag should every girl own?
A Morning After Bag!
Five essentials in your handbag?
I have my Gucci sunglasses, my camera (that gets a LOT of use!), keys, mirror, my Blackberry to answer emails, three lip glosses, and some gum! (Only five? Impossible!)

What would you be if you weren’t a designer?
A professional dancer.
Favorite fashion city?
Do you read any fashion websites or blogs?
I read both on a daily basis! My favorites are currently they have amazing photo inspiration shared by a huge network of users. It churns out everything  from fashion photos, lookbook images, graphic design, drawings, illustrations, animated gifs, etc. and it’s a collective of users who post their outfits from all around the world, submissions are ranked by “hypes” and you can even filter entries by country, designer, type of clothing, color scheme…it’s a great resource for how real people are dressing these days, a pulse for everyday style!
Any last words for readers?
Follow your dreams!