EXCLUSIVE Interview with The Joomi Lim team duo!

February 27
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If you remember my last post on Matches SS11 press day, I featured an upcoming great brand, Joomi Lim. I recently had the chance to interview the New York-based duo Joomi Lim and Xavier Ricolfi create a collection of contemporary jewelry that could easily be named rock’n’roll chic. Her designer’s sensibility lends feminine and intricate details to the collection, while his industrial designer’s roots bring on unusual materials, finishes and cutting-edge technologies. Chains, sleek cuffs and their signature spikes are made of brass and finished with a unique titanium coating that lends deep and changing tones to the jewels. Another line consists of one-of-a-kind pieces that add the charm of vintage finds to the designers’ tougher aesthetics. To shop the Joomi Lim collection, click here!

-How did you get into jewelry design?

Joomi – Years ago, I designed jewelry as a hobby for myself and for friends while going to college. One day, one of the buyers from a very established store asked where I bought my earrings. Next thing, I had my first order. 

Xavier – I am an industrial designer and got into jewelry design when I met Joomi

-What inspires your designs?

We get our inspirations from every where- art, music, movie, architecture, furniture, flea market finds, travel, and random objets. 
We also get inspirations from playing with different materials. The result can be exciting surprises. 

-Styling tips on how to wear Joomi Lim?

Mix our spike jewelry with vintage rhinestone jewels or something girly like fine jewelry or pearls. This gives a ‘nice & naughty’ look – very fun. 

-Who would you like to see in Joomi Lim?

Joomi – One of my biggest style icons is Kate Moss. I would die to see Ms. Moss inJoomi Lim jewelry. 

Xavier – Anyone in the street. I always love to bump into strangers wearing our creations. 

-Favorite Fashion City and why?

Paris for exceptional beauty and romance.
London for street fashion and shopping
NYC for never ending flow of great energy, fun nightlife and delicious food

-Fashion Magazines or Fashion Blogs?

Both but we get more from Fashion Blogs. 

-Coffee or tea?

Joomi – Definitely TEA!! I am having a cup now. 

Xavier – You mean mango juice or coconut water!

-What’s next for Joomi Lim?
We want to do so much, but for now we need to focus on our jewelry and build our brand stronger.

-Last words for myfashdiary readers?
Believe in yourself! It’s never too late to try anything you want.