Myfashdiary EXCLUSIVELY interviews Designer, Carolina Herrera

February 7
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This designer needs no introduction whatsoever. I’m a huge fan of Carolina Herrera and her work. I recently had the opportunity to interview the designer. I asked her about the Middle East, inspirations for her collection next week, and fashion blogs to name a few! Enjoy the read, and check out highlights from her SS11 collection above! For more, check out CH Carolina Herrera boutique in MOE and Dubai Mall!

 When did you realize you wanted to be a fashion designer?
I’ve always loved fashion, especially fabrics, their texture, how to combine different colors and I thought about starting a business. Although my first idea was to work on fabrics then Diana Vreeland and Count Crespi, my friends, told me that I had enough talent and creativity to design clothes instead of selling fabrics and that’s how I designed and presented my first collection, in 1981 at the Metropolitan Club in New York.
      What has been your favorite fashion memory?
My true first moment with fashion was when I presented my first collection in 1980. is based between London and Dubai. Have you ever been to the Middle East or Dubai?
Of course I have been there, my trip to Dubai was a true pleasure. Our partner over there and his wife were great hosts; I loved it and I am going back soon. Carolina, my daughter has been there a couple of times last year, she enjoys it a lot every time. Friends of mine who have been there not so long ago have told me that right now it is now fantastic!

    What are your impressions of Middle-Eastern fashion?
They like the latest fashion and luxury, and that’s a great combination to be dressed great.
     What are the inspirations behind your upcoming collection?
I will not tell you that as it has to remain a real surprise until the day of the show (February 14th for the Fall 2011 collection), but I can tell you that it will have a real Herrera essence…
    Other than the white shirt, what should be an essential in every woman’s closet?
A evening dress, a skirt and a pair of high heels.
   What would you be if you weren’t a fashion designer?
I would love to be a great writer, it would be wonderful to be a novelist and tell stories
   Favourite fashion city?
New York! I love New York, it a city full of energy, like no other place in the world, everyone wants to be here: it is like a jolt of electricity, as though you have been plugged into a light socket when you get off a plane an arrive in New York, it is wonderful.
   Do you read any fashion websites or blogs?
I do… I do and quite a lot. Although I read them over paper once they been printed out and put on my desk. I am getting more & more used to visit them through my blackberry but I am still getting there!

   Any last words for readers?
Thanks to all of you, readers and customers that love and wear my designs; without all of you Carolina Herrera wouldn’t be what it is today.