Myfashdiary EXCLUSIVELY Interviews Couture designer, Dilek Hanif

February 9
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This is one Turkish designer to watch – Dilek Hanif! I was supposed to attend Dilek’s show in Paris during Couture week, but due to personal reasons – I couldn’t make the show. Luckily, I received coverage from the show and got the chance to interview Dilek on her collection. I adored the SS11 couture collection – it evoked summertime elegance, and timeless luxury with a palette that includes white, gold and green. Check out my favorite looks above, as well as my interview with Dilek below. For more, check out

-Hi Dilek! When did you realize you wanted to become a designer?
I was just 16-17 when I realized that I wanted to work in fashion, and wanted fashion to be my world!
-Where do you get your inspirations?
I could say I draw inspiration from almost anything around me, so many different things can give a start to my collections.
The culture of my country and its history are both quite present in my style: Turkish culture is particularly rich, thus I can pick and use lots of traditional elements.
At the end of the day my style tells about me, my collections are a part of me and express my personality. is based between London and Dubai. Have you ever been to Dubai? What is your impression on Middle Eastern fashion?
Unfortunately I have never been to Dubai, I never had the chance so far, but would love to visit as soon as possible. I think there is a very big potential in Middle Eastern fashion that just needs to get developed; people living in this area love fashion and love glamour, and whatever is chic and truly elegant. Middle East vision of fashion is quite exciting!
Furthermore, Middle East to me represents also an extremely important marketplace for European and American fashion, which all the most prominent brands have entered or are planning to enter.
-What kind of dress should every girl own?
Of course a little black dress! No matter its style or silhouette, even a simple one, as long as it’s well cut ; it will always make you look elegant!

-What would you be if you weren’t a designer?
I really do not know. I never even thought about it, I always felt like I was born to do this.
-Favorite fashion city?
Definitely Paris, which I also chose to show my Haute Couture collections since 2004.
-Do you read any fashion websites or blogs?
Unfortunately not very much, I never have that much time to dedicate to reading in general!
I try as much as possible to read while traveling by car or by plane, in any case I do my best to be updated and have always a general idea about fashion blogs and websites, taking a look whenever I can save some minutes for myself!
-Any last words for readers?
It is a pleasure meeting you and all your readers, thank you for your interest in DILEK HANIF!