Myfashdiary EXCLUSIVELY Interviews... Designer, Anne Valerie Hash!

November 21
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I recently had the opportunity to interview the talented Parisian designer, Anne Valerie Hash… Check out her latest collection above and what Anne had to say about her inspirations, Fashion Blogs and Dubai!

-When did you realize your passion was Fashion Design?
 I guess when I was around 10 and I started customising my handbags with ruffles and beads. Soon after that, when I turned 12, I bought my first pair of high heels. 3 cm heels. I got in so much trouble with the headmaster of my school for those shoes…

-What would you say is the most exciting part of working in the fashion industry?
 Working in the fashion industry is very stimulating as you never reach the end of it. You always have to open your mind and your eyes. It’s the only way to stay creative. It’s a permanent challenge that I love. It’s not always easy though. To stay creative, your mind has to be peaceful. That’s the balance you have to reach to stay in the race. is based between London and Dubai. Have you ever been to the Middle East or Dubai? What are your impressions of Middle-Eastern fashion?
I have already been to Dubai and I just loved it ! Women in the Middle East are passionate about fashion, they love to take care of themselves, to be beautiful. There is a very refined and fascinating culture there. I also notice that taste is evolving very rapidly, women are not just happy with a pink dress prettified with gold or rhinestones, they are sophisticated, understand real design and are looking for style. This evolution is for me a very strong sign, I feel connected to it and am proud to be part of it through my clients.

-What do you get inspired by?
My inspiration sources are very different, but in general, contemporary art has a very strong influence on my life and on my work. In my everyday life, anything from the movement of a piece of fabric to the form of a leaf can become inspiring. A sound, a feeling, it just catches me by surprise.

-How do you manage pre-fashion week stress?
 By drinking tons of green tea! We are all addicted to green tea at the office. I bring mine from my trips in Japan. I buy tons of it to bring it back at the studio. Also, when it’s fashion week time, the whole team has lunch everyday together in our big kitchen. It’s a very precious moment when everyone shares meal and laughs about how late we are for the show. It helps to calm stress down.

-What would you be if you weren’t a fashion designer?
 I would definitely by a chef! I love food! And cooking is a very creative art that has to be shared, like fashion. So this would have definitely fitted my personality.

-Favorite fashion city?
PARIS! I am a real Parisian! I was born here, I know this city by heart . I love the fact that after so many years, when you think you’ve seen it all, you can still be surprised by a sculpture you had not notice before! And also for me it is the place on earth that ease creativity the most because nothing is ever done here, you have to stay sharp. I love it dearly.

-Do you read any fashion websites or blogs?
I read STYLE.COM. It is a reference in the fashion industry. It helps you to get a global vision of what fashion is now. 

Last words for myfashdiary readers?
My advice to readers is to be yourself and to be confident. Never compromise, always push the idea to its limit and be proud of what you want to say through your looks because people in agreement with themselves and their image are very seducing.
I also always recommend to choose a good quality of fabric and the best cut possible, these are great tools to reach style and elegance.