COMPETITION: Marquee x Dubai World Cup

March 7

This week, I’ve teamed up with retro themed salon, Marquee from the same owners of The Nail Spa for an exciting competition to get you pampered for the Dubai World Cup. It’s also the perfect time to give your hair a spring change with a new cut, colour, hair facial and treatment (they use one of my favourite hair care brands from Australia, Kevin Murphy.)


  • Kevin Murphy hair facial
  • Cut and colour
  • Glam to Go / KM treatment
  • Prize to be redeemed between 22-27th  March


How to enter?


-Like Marquee on Facebook here

-Like Myfashdiary on Facebook here

-Confirm the above and tell me why you need to win a hair detox in the comment box below.


Good luck!


  • Sara B

    I would so love to win this! my hair is in such a bad condition!!! its horrible and this would be so perfect!!! I really need this hair detox to save what’s left of my hair 🙁 and i love Kevin Murphy products knowing they are free of nasty chemicals!

  • Eman Qadeer

    I would love to win this my hair is super frizzy and I just want it to feel soft and look shiny for more than 3 days.

  • Elena Mavlitova

    I wish i could win this hair makeover as cannot make myself go to salons or just go out. I’ve been too obsessed with my new baby and really need a proper kick :-)))

  • Aroosa Abdullah

    Hi Tala!
    I can’t begin to tell you how utterly obsessed I am with your hair. Lately I have been having a “hair crisis” of all sorts lately. Anyway, my hair has been feeling weighed down lately, and looking tired. Regular shampooing hasn’t helped at all. My friend recommended me to try “hair detox” to revive my wilted hair. Thank you for this great opportunity!

    Much love xo Aroosa Abdullah

  • Mouna

    Tala have you been to a salon with high expectations, showed them a picture of the cut you want and then they did their own thing and left you completely disappointed and in tears walking towards your car? That’s exactly what happened to me last week and I will never go to that place ever again.
    I asked them to take off an inch of my hair and the “hair stylist” did her own thing and just chopped off chunks of my hair under the pretense it would look great after a blow dry. I hate it. I don’t even look at any of my old pics because I used to have such a beautiful length and cut.

  • farah

    I would love to win this hair detox because I have been battling with my thick frizzy hair all my life and I recently cut it shorter to change up my look so I have to straighten my hair everyday! I really need help to get my hair healthy and beautiful!
    Thank you for this opportunity <3

  • Raina Khan

    Really amazing, I really loved it.

  • zahra

    Hey Tala, big fan here and done the likes.

    I’m a paramedic working shift hours and don’t have time to pamper my self for a full spa day plus my hair and skin condition got so bad over the past weeks from the weather change working under the sun.
    would love to win and give my self a new healthy look.

    Thank you for posting this.

  • Efat Yassin

    I would love to win this prize as I have a photo session at the end of this month and it will be great to have a new look 🙂

  • mel

    I would love to win a hair detox especially after reading about in the news.Its been a new au trend in our region and is such an essential treatment for our hairlocks to keep them chemical free.Shampoos do cleanse our hair from dirt but not from chemicals!Hope to win this treatment to make my hair look as great as those models on commercials on tv:)

  • Nazia

    Liked both Facebook pages!….I have curly hair but with Dubai’s heat, chlorinated water and constant experimentation with hair products, my hair have lost their life and look like a frizzy delight… I would love a form of hair detox that rids my hair of toxins and brings life back to it! *fingers crossed*

  • shiela rizza

    I love to win with you because I know you believe that every woman,wherever they come from deserves pampering 🙂

  • Rreema Bhatia

    Done with all the steps. I would like to win the hair botox as i have long coloured hair. I have gone thru with various treatments in different salons in dubai like the keratin but not satisfied as they use a whole lot of chemicals. I have heard about hair botox that it keeps your hair smooth like a barbie & its very natural without using chemicals so wana give it a try. I defintely want to look beautiful & want my hair to be shiny & healthy. So pls give me this opportunity to try & leave my hair flawless. Thanks, Rreema Bhatia

  • Fatou Zayani

    In just a few weeks, I will be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary with my lovely husband who has planned a special celebration. I would love nothing more than charm my husband with a glamorous 50’s hollywood look (of course I’m planning to go to Marquee’s salon for the hair style since it’s their speciality!!) and to feel like a celebrity to woo him 😉
    Having the opportunity to do the complete make over at the same salon (Marquee) and indulge my hair with Kevin Murphy’s magical natural potions a couple of days before my special event would be the best gift from Myfashdiary !
    I just want to beautifully reinvent myself with an indulgence of a runway look 😉

  • Renu RN Sharma

    I have had the same hairstyle ever since college and I would like to do something new so I can look refreshed and be confident.

  • Malgorzata Pietrzykowska

    Dear Tala,

    Yes, I liked both pages 🙂
    Why I would like to be the one winning your competition?
    I’m relocating to Dubai from London in a weeks time… excitement is overwhelming but getting a pampering session just after my move there would be the best (!!!) way to start my new life looking super stylish and would definitely give me much needed confidence boost in a new city!
    (Also, having the same hair stylist in London for years, I’m going to have a difficult task of finding someone new who can take care of my hair…do not want to risk any mistakes and here, with your help it might be just the start of a new “hair salon romance” :)))
    P.S. – I hope Dubai is as amazing as they say….

  • debbie d’costa

    I would like to win this competition because i want hair as beautiful as yours. 🙂
    It’s been more than six months since i’ve visited the salon for my hair and it looks limp and lifeless. i’d like to welcome the summer season with a new hairdo

  • Lea

    Liked both page. I would like to win Marquee’s treatments simply because I would like to have the same hair (at least similar 🙂 like yours, Tala. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Nour

    I would love to win because I’ve been having the same hair style for the past 2 years (true story) and it’s boring. I’d love to get my hair colored with an expert and leave it in their hands to give me a hair makeover.

  • Jolan


  • Hareera


  • Katie

    Hope to win!!!

  • Samira

    I need to win this

  • Sian

    Really really hope to win this

  • ZUZU

    I did all you asked me

  • Leen


  • Tara

    when will you choose the winner

  • Maddie

    amazing amzing

  • chloe

    need a hair detox

  • Lana

    yes pls

  • Mahtab


  • Quin

    followed all

  • Carla

    What treatment do we win??

  • Octavia

    I never win any of your competitions 🙁

  • Lea


  • Hala

    I want the same hair as you

  • Becky

    My hair will thank you loads

  • Fatima B.

    pls please please

  • Deepika

    I’m going to the World cup so need this

  • Basma

    I think I deserve this!

  • Galine

    amazing competition, thanks so much

  • Delia Pereira

    Dear Tala,

    Super liked both the pages 🙂 I need a hair detox because as I am currently doing a body detox too to get race-ready- it will surely help to get my lack lustre tresses the winning shine, oomph and style and be my crowning glory – all set to help me gallop to the winning post in the style and glamour stakes!!

    Thanks for the giveaway treat!!!

  • Anita Jashnani

    I intend on going for the Races and there is nobody else that could make me ready for the event like Marquee! So I would love to win this 🙂

  • Kamla P

    Dress – check
    Jewellery – check
    Hat – check
    Hair Makeover – desperately required!
    I am ready for the races, but my hair isn’t. Tala, please pick me so that I can attend the races in style!

  • Ritu Sobhraj

    My hair has gone through a lot of damage, with all the products and the environment, so I am desperately in the need for hair detox!

  • faten

    i moved recently to uae and my hair gone crazy , i tried all kind of treatmant but without any result , i used to have a great hair 🙁

  • lya

    when will you choose the winner

  • Mariam

    done both!!

    I actually want to win this so bad bec my hair has been in terrible condition lately and i just want a mini make over which is why this would be so perfect! pick me pretty please c:

  • Vivienne

    all finished

  • Hema

    Did the same Tala ))

  • Keren Toko

    wow ples choose me

  • Wareed

    I want to gift this to my girl

  • Leena

    yay love this! all done

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