The Travel tips I learnt after losing my bags last Summer

March 30


If you were following me last summer, you might recall that I lost my luggage for the entire summer. While the experience was horrible, it taught me a multitude of valuable lessons that I’d like to share with you. Some may seem obvious, but others may not.


When I mentioned that I lost my luggage, one of the most frequent questions I received was whether I had travel insurance. Unfortunately, I did not, and I regretted it. I discovered that it’s significantly cheaper and more efficient to invest in annual travel insurance instead of purchasing travel insurance for each individual flight you book. I opted for an annual plan from GIG insurance, which cost me around AED800 for the entire year. The peace of mind it provided in case of delays, bag or flight mishaps, or accidents was worth it. The smart travel insurance I got has coverage for Emergency Medical, Emergency Dental, Emergency transportation, death of a close relative’s economy ticket return, first aid and rescue, legal assistance, delayed departures, delayed baggage, loss of passport and personal accidents.

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During my travels, my bags were constantly in transit (thankfully, my AirTags kept me informed – more on that later). I found solace in the fact that my luggage was locked when it was casually moving around the airports daily.


Attach a luggage tag to each bag with your name and contact information. This simple act can help you identify your bags if they are lost, makes it easier for airport staff to locate you if they find your bags, or assist in retrieving them if someone mistakenly takes them.


This was a tough one for me, especially since I had plain black bags, making it even trickier to file a missing request. Ensure that you know the brand of your bag, have something that makes it stand out, and can explain what’s inside it.


I was so happy I followed this. Place valuable items such as electronics, expensive jewelry, and travel documents in your carry-on luggage, not your checked baggage.


You learn this lesson well when you lose your luggage. Aim to pack around two to three days of outfits and underwear in your carry-on luggage. If you have a significant event, pack those items, as well as some travel-sized skincare and makeup, in your carry-on luggage.


This was the best decision I made last summer. Although it didn’t help me get my bags back any sooner, having AirTags gave me peace of mind, knowing where they were at all times.

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