The Gems I've discovered in October 2020

October 29

Washer Dryer: Panasonic NA-S107 washer dryer
One of the essentials in every home. When I was shopping for my washing machine, I looked for something that fit in a small laundry room, was high tech, was a washer dryer, and I could throw things that I usually hand wash in – as most of my clothes are delicates. Got this one by Panasonic, and I’ve even gotten my neighbors to get the same one. I was going for a Panasonic because I was impressed with their Abaya Wash feature – which is basically a delicate handwash feature, great to wash any delicate fabrics. I do love how easy to use it is, how high tech it is, and how easy to use it is. Click here for more

Furniture: Chair from wood culture
If it wasn’t so obvious, I am obsessed with homeware – anything and everything homeware. If you’re shopping home right now, you need to check out Wood Culture (they have a showroom in Al Quoz, and they also have an e-commerce site). They make some of the most beautiful chairs in the country. I had my eye on XXX and had to wait 3-4 months for the wait (It’s one of their best sellers). It was even more beautiful in person, and it really did complete my living room in the best way possible. Extra points for great service and professionalism.

Home fragrance: Zenology Ambience spray
Two things I’m obsessed with right now, candles and room sprays. A few months ago, I discovered this brand’s ambience sprays and they are gems. I have 3 – the Liquid Bakhoor, Orchid and Black Tea.
Available at Ounass and Zenology

Workout: 51 gym
One of my favorite gyms right now, and one of the most chic ones I’ve ever seen. I have a membership (they have two different kinds of memberships, one that allows you to use the gym -as well as their main classes like HITT and boxing. Then they have another membership, that gives you access to all that as well as Pilates (reformer and Mat) as well as yoga. Been doing reformer Pilates once a week with Sarah, who used to teach at Reform Athletica, and I must say I always forget how incredible it is for your deeper core muscles. The gym is based in Wasl 51, close to City Walk.
click here for more