All you need to know about... Lip Blush

September 3

I recently got the Lip Blush treatment at Brau in Dubai, my favorite gem in Dubai for brows but it wasn’t till I realized I love wearing my Benefit tint to my workouts or else my face looked really pale – that I thought this would be the perfect treatment for me. When I got the treatment done a week ago, a couple of you sent over your questions and I got my therapist, Carla to answer them all for you.
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Who is this treatment recommended to?
The Lip Blush treatment can be done on all lips! It’s a soft airbrush shading, and works with your natural lip colour to enhance your shape and tone.

What are the benefits?
Lip Blush enhances your lips, making them look flushed of colour, healthy and smooth. If you have any gaps or breaks in your border, the treatment will help smooth your contour creating that perfect lip shape. It corrects the symmetry, and gives you a perfectly feminine Cupid’s bow.

How do you work with darker lips?
If you have a darker lip tone, pigmentation or spots of darkness, you will need a “dark lip correction” treatment. This involves neutralising the colour to a warmer tone before we apply the chosen colour. It’s a two part session and will leave the lips looking lighter all over. Things that can cause dark lips include
1. Smoking
2. Ethnicity
3. Sun Damage or Laser
4. Genetics

How do you choose the color?
We look at your natural skin tone, the colour of your natural lips, your eye colour, hair colour and using all of these things, we personalise a colour that will compliment that.

Can you still do it if you have sensitive skin?
Absolutely, the treatment can be done on sensitive skin, there is no damage at all to the skin, you may experience some swelling in the first 12 hours, which settles very quickly.

What is the healing process?
The colour appears quite perfect for the first 3 days, slightly brighter, then the lips go dry and flaky, in which time we give you a healing balm to apply once/twice a day, once the colour has peeled, the result is very light. Over the healing period which is 4 weeks, the colour rises to the surface and becomes more visible leaving a light tint appearing. Then the retouch is required to complete the treatment.

How long does it last?
The results can last from 12-18 months depending on your skin, how you look after your lips, and how concentrated we did the pigment.

Tips on how to make it last longer?
Exfoliate your lips once a week, keep them hydrated, avoid smoking, apply a SPF lip balm whilst in the sun. Have a Meso therapy facial once a month to enhance your colour.