Five Favorite Beauty Buys: June 2019

June 14

Cleanser: Erborian Double Mousse cleansing foam
When it comes to cleansers, I like them light so my top picks would be either a gel or foam. Been using this cleansing foam from one of my favorite skincare brands at the moment, Erborian. Smells super fresh (it’s enriched with traditional Korean herbs), which does the job with cleansing the skin, without overdrying.

Fragrance: Dior Hynotic Poison Roller pearl
One of my all time favorite fragrances is Dior’s Hypnotic Poison, and naturally, this has become my handbag staple. a 20ml roller pearl of the fragrance in the most beautiful glass bottle.

Primer: Laura Mericer Foundation Primer (Radiance)
I only started using primers less than a year ago to keep my base looking even, but I did realize I tend to stick to ones that have glow or radiance. One of my favorites is the one by Laura Mercier. Lightweight, I use it right under my base and it gives the most beautiful radiant finish.

Illuminator: MAC Dazzle Drops
It’s no secret that I absolutely love anything that gives a glow, radiance or illuminates. Love this new product in Dazzlepeach from MAC’s new collection with Cyrine AbdelNour. Can be used both on the face and body – either over make up or mixed in with foundation. (side note: it has more of a glitter shimmer finish, so less is more with this product)

Toner: Sukin Oil balancing Clarifying Facial Toner
I have a new found love for toners. I like using them post cleansing to make sure all the dirt is off my skin, and I also like to use it during the day to refresh the skin. If you have oily skin like me, you’ll love this one by Australian all natural brand, Sukin. Refreshing, and helps balance out the skin, the toner has ingredients like coconut extract, rooibos tea and aloe vera.