Treatments to Try: March 2019

March 26

What: The new Qua Spa at Caesars Palace in Bluewater Island
The atmosphere: I must say I’ve been so impressed with this hotel as a whole. Large, spacious – yet incredibly modern and minimal. I recently booked in for a Detox Dome treatment.
The experience: The treatment itself included a body scrub, body mask, an Iyashi dome session (to sweat the toxins away) and a full body drainage massage.
Final note and results: My skin was soft, my muscles felt less tense (sweating within the Iyashi dome was great) and super relaxed.
Recommended therapist: Bee
Cost: AED1,200 for 120 minutes
Recommended rating: 9/10

What: Thai massage at The Spa at The Steigenberger Hotel
The atmosphere: Calm and relaxed, as soon as I arrived, I was given a drink and towel before being taken to my treatment room (The spa also offer an assortment of crystal water which I loved)
The experience: Thai massages are some of my favorites. Mostly because they’re strong and they don’t use any oil. I was given a two piece set to get changed into, and the massage was done on a traditional mattress on the floor.
Final note and results: One of the best massages I’ve ever had done and one of the top 5 Thai massages I’ve ever done in my life (and I’ve had a few). Khem, my therapist broke down all my knots and tension.
Recommended therapist: Khem, she was incredible and so strong. Side note, she really is so strong.
Cost: AED485
Recommended rating: 10/10

What: HD Brows at BROWZ
The atmosphere: For the past year, I haven’t been shaping my eyebrows, and only really cleaning them because I realized I haven’t found someone that was great, but also a therapist that didn’t take too much off. I recently booked in for a HD brows treatment at Browz Salon, the salon at The Mall on Beach Road.
The experience: A gorgeous space, my HD Browz treatment had 7 steps to it. The first being the tint, which is left on for 10 seconds and also tints the baby hair to give off a fluffy effect. The second being waxing, mostly to clean everything including the tint. Moving on to the 3rd being threading, to really shape up the eyebrows and ending with the HD brow make up, which not only makes you leave ready for any night out, but also teaches you how to apply eyebrow make up (which I’m not really great at)
Final note and results: Personally fell in love with the treatment. For someone that doesn’t want to do microblading, this is a great way to get your eyebrows to the look you want it to look – naturally.
Recommended brow technician: Carla
Cost: AED250
Recommended rating: 9/10

What: Oribe hair treatment at Tips and Toes Salon
The atmosphere: My favorite branch of Tips and Toes is in Al Barsha, so I tend to go there when I’m choosing T&T. Spacious, and not too busy.
The experience: I personally love Oribe, and is one of my favorite haircare brands. As a fan of hair treatments, I gave Oribe’s in salon treatment a go. The treatment was applied on my hair in sections, left for 30 minutes, before it was washed out with the Oribe shampoo and conditioner.
Final note and results: Hydrated and smooth hair.
Recommended therapist: Melanie
Cost: AED215
Recommended rating: 7/10

What: Bastien Gonzalez pedicure at ShuiQi Spa, Atlantis The Palm
The atmosphere: The Bastien pedicures take place in the private rooms they have within the spa, that are super comfortable and zen – which makes it all feel like a treat.
The experience: The Bastien pedicure is not your typical kind of pedicure – firstly, because they are all performed by podiatrists that were trained in France by Bastien. Performed on dry skin, the tools that are used are a light drill, glass file (anti-bacterial) and a gouge to remove dead skin and to file because the buffer is used on every nail (the shine your nail has, lasts for weeks.
Final note and results: They recommend that you avoid nail polish post pedicure (but they also do have Bastien polishes incase you need some color) . It’s a little bit of an investment, so it’s probably not something I would too often, but for the health of your feet, I would visit twice a year.
Cost: AED495
Recommended rating: 8/10