Restaurant Review: OPA, Dubai

March 4

Myfashdiary's Rating


Food 9

Atmosphere 10

Service 8

Originality 9

Ideal for… an authentic Greek night out experience
Restaurant name and location: Opa, Fairmont Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai
Cuisine: Greek
Atmosphere: Gorgeous space (used to be Catch restaurant) and throughout the night, you do get to try out he plate smashing experience.
What they say: It all began on a small island in Greece.

In a quaint, charming kitchen, a gentleman named Kyriakos spent years perfecting his favorite Greek dishes, sharing the rich and delicious flavors with his friends and family.

When his son Christos relocated to Dubai, Kyriakos eagerly came to visit. As he explored the vibrant city, he felt that Greek food was not so easy to find. It was then, that Kyriakos decided that he needed to share the rich history and flavorsome cuisine with the UAE community.

With his appetite for tender meats and zesty salads, the Zorba dance and smashing plates, Kyriakos excitedly began to build his traditional restaurant in Dubai.

Before long, with all the ingredients of Greek cuisine, culture, and passion, Opa was born.

What to order:
-Greek salad, of course. Fresh and flavorful.
-Beetroot salad – roasted beetroot with yogurt, light and refreshing.
-Tenderloin meat
-Truffle pizza peinirli (just order it)
-Feta fries

Service: 9/10 – Speeros took great care of us, loved his sarcastic humor too.

What I loved:
-The dining experience and the plate smashing
-The entrance is beautiful, it really does add to the experience. I also loved the Olive tree in the centre of the restaurant.

Bill for two: AED400

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