Treatments to Try this Month

December 2

What: Vinylux mani at Tips and Toes
The atmosphere: Tips and Toes is usually a place I visit when I want a bit of an Asian experience. I recently booked in for a vinylux pedicure at Tips and Toes Al Barsha (my personal favorite branch – their largest and feels like a spa) and paired it with a shoulder massage.
The experience: I didn’t start off on the best note because I felt like everyone was flustered, but as soon as I was taken to my station, I was in relaxation mode. If you’re not familiar with vinylux, it’s pretty much a 7 day polish (like a 7 day shellac, where it doesn’t chip and you don’t even need to use the lamp. The therapists just need to use the brand’s own base and top coat to achieve the results.
Final note and results: Relaxed (their therapists do give some of the greatest massages), and my pedi looked glossy and did last longer than a week.
Cost: AED160
Recommended rating: 7/10

What: An all natural fruit body massage
The atmosphere: I recently got an all body massage service at home (Blush N Curls offer home services) – an all natural fruit gel massage by Marzia Clinic. I must say, they did a great job with the set up – they brought everything to give you a spa feel at home (my house also smelt like a spa)
The experience: I was so impressed with the products – a massage gel that smells exactly like the fruits (the gel is made out of 100% natural products – has no parabens or silicone). There’s something about how delicious and fresh they smell, all the way to the texture of the gels that made me so happy. They have 6 different types of gel scents from melon, green apple, blueberry, pineapple to red and white grape. I went with white grape, which is great for blemishes on the body, and ‘rebalances the emotional states providing confidence and stimulating imagination’.
Final note and results: Incredibly relaxed, and smelt so good. I live for great massage therapists, so I was really happy.
Recommended therapist: Ha from Blush N Curls
Recommended rating: 9/10

What: Scalp treatment at VK beauty lounge & spa
The atmosphere: a brand new salon in JBR, it’s gorgeous, sleek and spacious.
The experience: Everything from the shower beds to the chairs are comfortable. The treatment by Nioxin was applied on my scalp before getting the loveliest head massage (I fell asleep) to penetrate the scalp. Once that was done, I had my hair washed at the basin. Once the treatment was washed off, and my hair was conditioned – I got my hair blow dried.
Final note and results: My scalp felt squeeky clean and fresh, that it even tingled. I love scalp treatments to balance everything out. A healthy scalp goes a long way…
Recommended stylist: Angela, who was very lovely
Cost: AED300
Recommended rating: 9/10

What: Margaret Dabbs Pedicure at Nstyle salon
The atmosphere: I must say, I tried a Margaret Dabbs pedicure a couple of years ago (it ain’t cheap) and I don’t think I’ve topped a more luxurious pedi since. I am happy that you can find it at more salons now – and one of them is Nstyle. I recently booked in for a Margaret Dabbs pedi – a pediatric pedi hailing from the UK.
The experience: The pedicure follows the same steps a usual pedi would (except it’s a dry one) and they exclusively use their own products (their filer is made out of glass), and every tool they use is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. That included cleaning, shaping, exfoliating and moisturizing.
Final note and results: I never get softer feet than after a Margaret Dabbs pedi – so it always feels like a treat.
Recommended therapist: Catherine
Cost: AED200
Recommended rating: 8/10