Facial Massages 101

May 19

I rarely do facials, but if I do – the best part is the facial massage. This month, I ask Skin expert, Rebecca Treston from Euromed about Facial Massages: Are they essential? What is it good for? How often should we be doing them? Is there such thing as too much?
Massage is important because it brings oxygen and fresh blood to the area, especially if someone can’t afford to do regular treatments. When you massage the skin, you can improve the circulation, exercise the muscles and relieve any tension from your face, similar to the way in which a body massage would. Those who cannot afford to invest money or time in regular facials can really benefit, which is why at-home tools such as Clarisonic has become popular. If you want to experience a clinic-based facial massage treatment then Venus Magic Hands is a great option. This non-invasive treatment uses B.E.A.M technology (Bio Electrical Acceleration Management); this activates the muscles, and increases blood circulation, by sending electric pulses through the nervous system. After just one treatment, you will rejuvenate the skin and achieve a radiant complexion.