Talking beauty with... Tamara Ecclestone

March 23

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I recently sat down with Tamara Ecclestone, the socialite and woman behind the beauty brand, Show Beauty on her recent trip in Dubai to launch the pop up salon at Four Seasons DIFC. We talk beauty, her range and the supplements she swears by (she is so beautiful in person!)

How does it feel to be in Dubai?
I come here a lot on holiday but it’s really fun and exciting to be here.. I’m launching this pop up salon at the Four Seasons, I love this hotel and I really love Dubai! it’s great to be here but I’m only here for like 12 hours.

Is there anything specific you do when you land here?
Ummm Shop, go to beach, there are so many restaurants, so many great things to do here but I love going to Dubai Mall, and my daughter loves the aquarium.

How did you start SHOW beauty?
Basically, I felt there was no range of luxury hair care products and the packaging for hair line was not really that special so I wanted to create something completely different – luxurious and smells amazing.. so for me, the products should really stand out, you want the products to be great, look good in your bathroom and make you feel good.

You launched your shampoo and conditioner, and now you’ve launch the body shimmer, how do you come up with launching a new product?
I initially started with the eleven styling products and then next stage for me was to launch the shampoo, conditioners and treatments – and then I really wanted to launch one body product because I feel like all the shimmers that I’ve used I haven’t really loved, they would either be too greasy or stain your clothes or too shimmery or not shimmery enough so I wanted to create the perfect shimmer product.

Yes I just tried it..It’s amazing..
I also love the smell of it and it’s in line with the other products.

And is body something that you will look into expanding?
Not for now, I am very happy with that product.

Is there a favorite product that you personally use a lot?
I love the treatment oil and the dry shampoo is one of my favorites.

With the treatment oil, do you use it regularly?
I use it really regularly especially if I’m on a holiday and my hair is in sea, sun and stuff.

How do you take care of your hair?
When I am not working I like to not hot style it that much, before I wash my hair I put the treatment mask on for like an hour and sometimes when I’m on holiday I just put the mask and then braid my hair – I feel like it feels great afterwards.

What are 5 beauty products that you swear by?
Revitalash to curl my lashes, Show beauty treatment oil, I love kylie Jenner liquid lips and hand cream.. I am obsessed with any hand cream and also I love face masks, I really like the Sephora under the eye (eye patches) – when I am really tired I feel more awake afterwards.

How do you keep fit?
I just run around after my child. I don’t really have time to go to the gym but naturally I am a very active person.

Do you take any health supplements?
Yes I do, I take vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Calcium and Iron

And your Signature fragrance?
Of Course the show hair fragrance.

What are you currently working on or about to launch in the coming year?
I’m launching a children’s line of shampoos, conditioners and like basically everything that I’ve ever used on my baby.

When is that launching?
At the beginning of next year.

Thank you so much!