Headlining for Electric Run Dubai 2016

October 30

As you can probably tell from social media, I am pretty ecstatic about Electric Run this year. Not only did I want it to come to Dubai (and not be able to make it last year due to travels), I’m also headlining this year. If you’re not familiar with the Electric Run – it’s the brightest 5km night run and has been in over 30 countries, where they combine music, light and working out in one event – pretty much a party, happening on Friday, November 4th!

Taking place at Zabeel park this year, they’ve created 9 courselands including Teddy Bear land, EDM party zone, electro rainforest, disco party zone, color brick road, electric avenue, neffmau5 land and the powerhouse – all with a focus on beats and lights.

Post run/walk, or however you’d like to enjoy it, there’s a party – where I’m DJing alongside DJ Scott and LPhunk.

Make sure you dress up – and go all out. They’ll be selling tutu skirts and neon lights to customize your own outfit for the night. I’m pretty excited about the Electrobands – which were used in the Superbowl and Taylor Swift’s 1989 world tour, an illuminating LED bracelet that syncs with the beats.

A great weekend plan out with friends (I have a group of 10 friends coming), or a place to take the kids – and teenagers. I know the tickets are selling out, so if you haven’t got yours yet, you can visit