Fragrance Layering 101

August 27

When I find a scent I like, it can feel like a ‘perfect fit’. But discovering a new perfume to wear is only the starting point, you can be creative and make it truly original if you know how. To get the most out of my perfume, I like to layer my fragrance – to make it as unique as I can.
Starting with a no-fuss scent is key. I have learned to pare down the amount of highly scented products I use daily as they can work against my perfume. Layering is also a great way to keep the fragrance lasting all day/night. When it comes to Jo Malone, I tend to buy shower gels and lotions from my favorite scents to start with.

Prepping your skin is also very important. Make sure to moisturise well so that your skin absorbs the fragrance better. If the range offers a body oil or lotion, start with that or else go for something very subtle to hold the fragrance.

The best thing about layering, is there isn’t a right way – so experimenting is always good. For an easy, relaxed day at the beach I might just lightly spray some eau de cologne in the morning, for example, but if I’m working, or an event takes me through to the evening, I will definitely build up my scent using different products.

I’m a big fan of Tom Ford scents, they feel luxurious, not to mention the bottles are always gorgeous. In the summer, I love the Neroli Portofino which comes as a part of a generous range of uniquely blended products including a Bath Bar, Shower Gel, Body Oil, All Over Body Spray, and more.

To help keep your fragrance lasting, spray on your pulse points – wrists, neck and elbows are effective. If I like a scent but don’t want it to overpower other odour, I might dab it on my skin, say, instead of spraying.

Jasmine is one of my favorites and I love AERIN’s Ikat Jasmine which pairs two different kinds with tuberose and honeysuckle, giving it a subtle depth. The Body Cream moisturizes my skin and leaves a delicate, velvet scent which I combine with the Eau de Parfum to make the scent last longer. If you prefer rose, AERIN’s Rose de Grasse family includes a Body Wash (and candle) as well as Body Cream and Perfume.

For a cosy, autumn feel, I like JO MALONE Oud & Bergamot. I love the warm, smokiness of the oud combined with bergamot to make it crisp and bright. It works so well. The dry body oil absorbs quickly and feels light, and keeps my skin super soft. I then use the cologne to as well. I’m so pleased it works as a candle too, perfect for setting the tone in the room. It’s great for a night out and I also use it during the day.

Pairing two different fragrances takes time to get right but is well worth learning.

If you want to combine two different scents, Jo Malone’s excellent range of fragrances is a great way to start confidently pairing. I would recommend booking a session with one of their experts as you will be given very personal guidance on how to approach layering.

I was also impressed to see the latest addition to Clinique’s Aromatics family of blends. The newly launched Aromatics Black Cherry smells of rich florals paired with cardamom and other spices to create a warm, rich overall scent. It follows the Aromatics in White and Aromatics in Black which have been around for a couple of years now and are great for layering as you can feel confident knowing they have been designed as part of a family. These come in beautiful, clean, minimalist bottles which look elegant in any handbag.

I love fragrance layering as it’s such an interesting and personal approach to using fragrances. It takes a while to get your head around, but once you’ve got it, you won’t go back. So if you ask me what scent I’m wearing, the answer is more complex and mysterious than you might think. And I like the idea that my own way of doing it is completely right for me. As your way will be to you.