A Road trip across Jordan with Ford

July 17

If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, you would have seen that I recently flew out to Amman, Jordan for a trip with Ford. I must admit, Jordan wasn’t at the top of my travel list, but after visiting, I realized I’ve been missing out on incredible vacations not far away from Dubai!

As part of my job, I test drive quite a few cars but you never really experience them properly driving them on a typical day because we live such busy lives and we don’t end up having time to actually experience the mechanics of the car. Only a three day / two night trip, it was short, but we did spend our time driving for most of the time.

To launch the new versions of their SUVs for 2016, Ford planned a global trip for press across the world to really experience their vehicles. After arriving in Amman, we headed to the Dead Sea, where we spent the night (I also managed to briefly check out the Dead Sea itself, but sadly I didn’t get to try the whole mud experience, but I will definitely come back!) I highly recommend the Kempinski Dead Sea if you are heading there anytime soon.

Starting from there, we were placed in groups of 3s, alongside a Ford representative. (The cars were built in with wifi and everything!) We drove up to Wadi Rum, through the desert (we got to see the seven pillars of wisdom, experience a bedouin lunch experience, and ride the Lawrence of Arabia train!) and ended the day at Akaba (the Red Sea) where we stayed the night (this is not an ad in any way, but this Kempinski hotel was beautiful, and a little more modern compared to the Dead sea). For our last day, we had Petra planned, which was sadly cancelled due to protests that day… but I will definitely be coming back!

Thank you Ford (especially Enzo, Rasha & Mubarak) for such an incredible trip and experience. I must say, you definitely made me want to get my own SUV (I’ve been driving a mini for years!). While we got to drive the EDGE ahead of its launch in the Middle East, my personal favorite was the F150.

Enjoy the photo diary xo

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