FLIGHT 101: Look your best while traveling

September 16

I travel constantly and as it’s the time of the year when people are heading back from their vacations – and also jetting off for the fashion weeks, I thought I would speak to an Emirates cabin crew (don’t they always look amazing? Even on 15 hour flights, they look perfect…) Alexandra Cosoff from Australia on her in flight beauty essentials, getting through jet lag and how to keep healthy inflight.

-Being a travel expert, What are in flight essentials?
When I travel as a passenger I always ensure that I am comfortable. I bring fluffy socks, a neck pillow and ear plugs to make sure I get a good rest.

-5 Beauty products you can’t fly without?
1 Evian facial mist – amazing to spray over makeup to freshen and hydrate skin.
2 Nars Creamy Radiance Concealer – The perfect concealer to brighten tired skin. I use the shade called ‘custard’ as it is golden in tone and really lifts dark circles from around the eyes.
3 Clarins Double Serum – I apply this under my makeup before a flight. Its double hydrating formula keeps my skin hydrated all day.
4 Moroccan Oil Hair Serum – I use this to smooth down flyaways and frizz in my hair. Hair can  become static during flight. This serum leaves hair looking sooth and shiny. I far prefer it to hairspray which can dry hair out and cause it to snap.
5 Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – Loaded with botanical waxes, coconut and sunflower oils this lip balm prevents lips becoming dry and chapped. Perfect under and over lipstick.

-How do you get through jetlag?
I always feel good if I look good. When I arrive at a destination I always take a shower, wash my hair and apply fresh makeup. You will feel better immediately. I drink a lot of Green Tea. It contains more antioxidants than coffee and is better for you. Jet Lag is your bodies way of telling you that you are in sleep debt. Its always important to try and catch up on the sleep that you have missed.

-Emirates Cabin crew always look amazing. What are tips on how to look your best on air?
I really take my time to ensure I apply my makeup properly before a flight. If you take care and effort to apply it, it will last much longer. I really recommend using a good makeup primer. When flying lighter makeup shades look more flattering on the skin. Avoid bronzers which can dull skin and instead opt for a soft pink/coral blush. The Emirates signature red lipstick really brightens up your whole look too.

-How can we look and feel fresh whilst traveling?
Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Try to sleep on the flight. I drink chamomile tea when I fly as a passenger to help me sleep. You can also rub drops of lavender essential oil on your temples – helps to relax and calm your body.

-Could you talk me through the Spa and wellness options on air?
In our first class cabin on the A380 we have two shower spas. A luxurious way to freshen up whilst you fly. We offer herbal teas and invigorating fresh juices and smoothies. On many flights we offer healthy meal choices as part of our standard menu.

-How do you keep healthy with snacks and meals on board?
I enjoy healthy eating. On board it is best to avoid sugar and salt which can make you thirsty. I snack on raw nuts which are rich in fatty acids and help you feel full. Fresh vegetable sticks and fruit are also easy snacks to eat on board. My favourite inflight snack would be banana with yoghurt. Bananas are a great natural energy booster – they slowly releases energy and don’t cause a sugar crash like artificial sugars.

-Tips on how to get through a long flight?
The most important thing is to stay hydrated. Avoid caffeinated and sugary drinks. I always aim to drink at least 2 litres of water. You can add lemon slices or fresh mint to keep it interesting.

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