Restaurant Review: Thai Chi, Dubai

August 8
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Ideal for… if you can’t decide between a Thai or Chinese crave – because they’re both great here!

Restaurant name and location: Thai Chi at the Pyramids, Dubai
Cuisine: Thai and Chinese
Atmosphere: Quiet, relaxed and private
What they say: The perfect venue for all lovers of the Orient! Relaxed and informal, Thai Chi is two restaurants in one: Thai and Chinese. Expert chefs combine the best of Thai food with modern Chinese to create a delicious blend of choice.

What to order:
-Chicken satay (lovely, different to the usual. The Satay sauce more milky)
-Hong Kong dumplings (shrimp and chicken dumplings)
-Chicken sweet and sour (crispy, they definitely do it right)
-Chicken green curry (Delicious – aromatic and flavorful)
-Mango and sticky rice (my favorite Thai dessert and Thai Chi’s is on point – the portion is quite large!)

Service: Great service, and very kind.

What I loved:
-The authenticity. The staff were not mostly Chinese, but the dishes felt very authentic and they had Thai and Chinese people eating at the restaurant.

What I didn’t love as much:
-We weren’t asked about our preferred spice levels, which is especially important with Asian food and curries.

Bill for two: AED650

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