Treatments to try: Oud massage, Rocca hair treatment & Reflexology classes

July 17

What: Scalp treatment & wheat treatment at the Vivandi Hair Spa
The atmosphere: The Vivandi Hair spa is a hair clinic more than anything else. They have a waiting room, treatment rooms as well as Doctor rooms (where clients see Trichologists)
The experience: I did two treatments – one for the scalp (that helps exfoliate and penetrate the scalp) and the Wheat treatment (which was created for Audrey Hepburn and is a deep moisturising treatment). The scalp treatment was rubbed into dry hair, before getting my ends wet for the wheat treatment – both treatments were for different parts of the hair/head. The treatment was then massaged into my head (felt super relaxing), before I was put under the steamer for half an hour and then had one last quick massage before it was washed off.
Final note and results: As it was in a private room, it was all very relaxing and comfortable. My hair was then dried and very simply blow-dried – the results are instant. Both treatments need to be done regularly for great results – so they have home treatments for both.
Recommended therapist: Girlie
Cost: AED250 for the scap cleansing and AED300 for the wheat treatment
Extra notes:
-All the products are trichologist approved.
Recommended rating: 8/10

What: Swedish massage at Tips and Toes
The atmosphere: Tips and Toes salon, Business Bay. The salon is incredibly busy as women are coming in and out for nail, hair and threading appointments, but as soon as I entered the room, I felt like I entered into a spa which is always lovely.
The experience: The massage bed was very comfortable and the whole experience was straight to the point. As soon as I got in, I got changed and got to my treatment. Using Aromatherapy, my therapist started with a few stretches using a towel before the full body massage starting from the back and ending on the other side. The massage ended with a hot towel to remove the oil, as well as soothe the muscles which is always a plus if you’re heading somewhere else other than your shower.
Final note and results: Super relaxed and less stiff – recommended post a tough workout or heavy week.
Recommended therapist: Erna – she was so sweet and made sure I was happy with the pressure
Cost: TBC
Recommended rating: 9/10


What: Marma Massage at B Attitude Spa, Grosvenor House
The atmosphere: The B Attitude spa is one of my favourites – feels like you’re in Bali and very Zen. It’s a real spa.
The experience: As soon as I arrived, I was greeted to a shot of orange juice, water and grapes. I was then taken to the changing rooms to get changed before heading to my treatment for a room before a foot bath and getting on the bed. The 60 minute massage starts off being a strong pressured full body massage using grape seed oil, except when the massage therapist finds a stiff or tense muscle, she adds pressure to it – and this my friends, makes the biggest difference. There’s a deep pain that tends to feel good, releasing the tension. I usually do doze off a bit during massages, but this one left me well aware of the pressure, yet whilst being on a high that I’ve never experienced.
Final note and results: I was incredibly relaxed, could have had the most comfortable sleep right after so I’d probably recommend this as an evening treatment before heading home to rest.
Recommended therapist: Panata
Cost: AED525
Extra notes:
-Only pointer is I really do enjoy post treatment teas and felt like their ginger one could have been more flavourful, but beyond that – incredible service and treatment.
Recommended rating: 9.5/10


Get an all natural hair treatment… a Rocca hair treatment.
What: Jarjir Treatment at Legend Beauty & Spa, Al Wasl Square
The atmosphere: Quite packed and feels like a weekend, except it’s a weekday. The salon has been going for 15 years and have their own loyal customers (which most of them seem to be local)
The experience: The owner of the spa spends a lot of time there (which really helps as it gets the therapist on it) I wanted to try out the Jarjir hair treatment (which is a Rocca hair treatment) whilst getting my nails done so, I had everything done on the mani pedi chair. Whilst getting my nails done, my stylist applied the Rocca leaves treatment on my scalp and roots, before being massaged in for 10-15 minutes, this was then led to the Rocca oil followed by the treatment mask all over the hair, and covered up for a minimum of half an hour before it gets washed off and dried.
Final note and results: Not only did I feel relaxed (a head massage with a hair treatment is ideal), my scalp felt fresh, and my hair felt hydrated. The treatment is made to help with hair loss as well as giving nutrients to weak hair.
Recommended therapist: Cecilia
Cost: AED200 for one – AED800 for 5, AED1500 for 10, and AED2000 for 24
Contact: 043948040
Extra notes:
-The treatment is recommended in packages to see results, which they have offers for. If you don’t want to do a package, it’s a great pampering treatment for the hair.
-An all natural treatment. If you’re not a fan of getting chemicals in your hair with regular hair treatments, this is one to try out.
-Add a shoulder massage whilst you wait, with one of the top massage therapists I’ve experienced at a salon, Sally.
Recommended rating: 9.5/10


Experience an Oud Massage.
What: Signature Aromatherapy Oud massage at The Pearl Spa, Four Seasons Dubai
The atmosphere: The Four Seasons is quite new in Dubai, so it’s definitely calmer compared to other hotel spas. Clean, modern and minimal.
The experience: Even though I had a little miscommunication at reservation, I was soon welcomed with a watermelon and Aloe Vera drink with a towel (this was so refreshing, and yummy) and made my way to the changing rooms with all the things I need (the robe, disposable undies to slippers) and made my way into the treatment room. The massage was a 60 minute aromatherapy massage bespoke to my needs using an exclusive Sodashi Oud oil.
Final note and results: The massage bed was one of the best I’ve ever had a massage on so I dozed off. Relaxing and still quite invigorating. The treatment ended with some dates, nuts and ginger Lemon grass tea in the relaxation room.
Recommended therapist: Anna
Cost: AED980 for 60 minutes
Recommended rating: 9.75/10


What: Reflexology session at the Healing Zone, Dubai Gold & Diamond Park
The atmosphere: The Healing Zone is mostly known for their classes and getting educated, but also have treatments you can come in for. I booked in for a Reflexology session given by their educator. The space was very serene and simple.
The experience: This was probably different to other treatments, because I was learning a lot whilst getting a treatment. The Healing Zone have part time courses and are DHA approved (the only massage therapy course DHA approved) in the city, but you can also pop in for a treatment. I got a 45 minute long reflexology session in a treatment room, focusing on pressure points and breaking down the accumulation of calcium (the crystals) on my feet.
Final note and results: Relaxed and educated. I found it pretty incredible that we have government approved massage therapy courses in the city, a skill worth learning.
Recommended therapist: Aneesa (the educator)
Cost: Their courses range between AED1,000-18,000
Extra notes:
-The Healing Zone are mostly known for their classes – where you can register for part time courses to learn how to massage and give reflexology.
-The Healing Zone also distribute AEOS (an active energised Organic skincare range)
-If you’re planning to keep yourself busy during the summer, they have summer specials, where you can save up to AED8,000
Recommended rating: 9/10