INTERVIEW: The designer of Nour Jensen & her muse, Selita Ebanks

June 6

Introducing a brand new shoe label that you should all check out – Nour Jensen. Based in New York, the designer, Miriam has Middle Eastern roots and decided to launch the debut collection in Dubai – at Level Shoe District. She came down with her muse and best friend, Victoria’s Secret angel – Selita Ebanks. I had the chance to sit down with the designer herself, Miriam of Nour Jensen and her muse, Selita Ebanks.


The Designer – Miriam of Nour Jensen

Lovely to meet you! Where are you originally from?

I am half Saudi Arabian and half Swedish American.


and based in New York?

Yes I’m based in New York but I’m in Dubai all the’s my second home!


Amazing! I need to ask you the cliche question, how did you get into footwear?

It’s always been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I have always been obsessed with shoes, I was always in my mom’s closet playing dress up.  I went to school for Fashion in San Francisco and then I interned in London at a Fashion PR company. I then moved to Dubai  for a while – 2 years ago it was just a dream of mine to do this.


how did you come about starting your own label? Was there something that triggered it?

I don’t know I just felt it. It just felt it right.


What is behind the name Nour Jensen?

My moms maiden name is Jensen and my dad would call my mom Nour as nickname – so it’s named after someone very close to my heart, as well as mixing both my cultures.


What inspires you?

Everything! Especially Vintage and traveling.


What inspired this specific collection?

Arabian architecture, A lot of it is the same pattern over and over so I wanted to simplify it, I wanted to do my own twist on it.


And I heard this is your first collection?

Yes this is my launch.. this like my debut!


Wow, How important was it for you to launch in the region or in Dubai to be specific?

I couldn’t think of better market, I mean people are so fashion savvy here and they get the brand, My brand is a good mixture of the West and Middle East, they are my customers.


And I mean, you launched at the largest shoe store in the world – Level Shoe District. 

Yes I am really lucky – they have been so supportive and so hands on. They gave me this opportunity as a brand new shoe designer and I’m so thankful for that.


What is it for you – comfort or design? (Miriam’s shoes are super comfortable)

I’m trying to find a good balance between the two.

What is next for the brand?

We are launching an online boutique in September, hopefully doing a pop up during Fashion week in New York as well.


And New York is probably the next market to look at…

Yes absolutely, our brand is from New York.


The Muse – Supermodel, Selita Ebanks

Hi Selita! How does it feel being here in Dubai?

I love it because It’s my first time so I don’t know what to expect, but everything has been amazing from the architectures, from the food, to the people..


Is it your first time in the region?



Exciting! Are you hoping to do anything specific?

We are here for the Nour Jensen brand launch which has been a huge success and tomorrow we are going to experience the desert safari, I’m so excited, I’ve never seen a camel before.


How does it feel being Miriam’s muse?

It’s an honor, you know what, she inspires me so much and she works so hard.  When I first met her a couple years ago, she said, I’m gonna do shoes collection and I was like girl that’s a lot of work you have to be really be on it. She really does work hard, She goes to Italy several times a year, she goes to the factory, she sources every little detail and everything is organic to her- I love that.  I’m so humbled to be her muse.


Do you have a favorite piece from her collection?

The Lorraine


Amazing! We are wearing the same ones! 

They are insane, I think they’re great for the modern day woman – very comfortable as well!


You are gorgeous.  What are three of your favorite beauty products or products that you swear by?

My number 1 essential is always blotting powder from MAC or the Banana powder from Ben Nye, any type of lip balm because I hate having dry lips and the perfect red lipstick, MAC’s Ruby Woo.


What are you currently working on?

Right now I’m working on several projects. Taking part in Cash and Rocket with Maserati, acting of course is my passion it’s my number one, I’m also producing a new show, writing as well, launching a swimwear line and a makeup collection..A lot!