5 minutes with… Giuliana Rancic

May 14
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I recently sat down and interviewed Giuliana Rancic. You might know her as the presenter from E! News, the woman that speaks to all the stars on the red carpet as well as the star of her reality show with her husband. Giuliana is a true inspiration, working incredibly hard even though she’s been through fertility and cancer obstacles. She was recently in town to launch a pop up store with DSF and sell her line for the first time in the UAE.

So lovely to meet you! I’ve been watching you on E!News for so many years.
Oh thank you!

How does it feel being here in Dubai?
It feels’s my first time and I heard great things about it, but I think it has exceeded my expectations, it’s new and fabulous.

You are always working on so many different things and you are a mother as well, how do you balance it?
It’s not easy but what I do is when I am at work, I literally do not do anything but work, it’s a hundred percent of work when I’m at work and when I got home at night, I put my phone away and focus a hundred percent to the baby and my husband – I think that’s the key. Many of us get destructed, You have to really give a hundred percent in doing anything.

It’s very exciting that you’re launching your brand in the region with DSF! How did that come about?
Dubai is always looking to bring more fashion, so they asked me to be a part of the 28th Anniversary of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

How did you start your line?
I started three years ago in America and my line has been thankfully very successful and I think why it does so well, is because it’s fashionable, made out of easy fabrics, easy to wear, can take you from day to night, and it’s very affordable.

How do you come about designing for your range – are they things you like to wear?
I tend to have a closet that is more classic, so I buy the fun trendy pieces every season but I also have a lot of classic silhouettes to mix and match, because I don’t want to waste money.  I just don’t want women to have to spend a lot of money on a piece that go out of style in six weeks. So I would rather do fun colors and things that you can keep season after season.

You always look so great,  what are your beauty essentials and beauty products that you swear by?
I keep it very simple. I find that the less product that you use, the better.  I also don’t do anything to my face, I’m forty now but I don’t do any surgery or injections or anything. Aging gracefully is beautiful itself – It’s an honor to age, it means you’ve survived.  I just see the less products, the better.

Are there maybe three products that you always seem to buy or always carry with you?
Nude lipsticks from MAC, Ardell false lashes and Charlotte Tilsbury’s Magic Cream.

What are your three of your favorite hangouts in LA?
I like the restaurant in RivaBella in sunset boulevard, it’s beautiful and also another great restaurant called Crossroads that’s vegan, but you would never guess it. In Chicago, I also like Robertson boulevard for shopping. We have our own restaurants in Chicago,  We have RPM Steak and RPM Italian, that a lot of people coming through even from all over the world.  Chicago is an amazing city.