TREATMENTS TO TRY: Scalp treatment, buffalo horn facial & an oriental massage.

December 10

Get a lunchtime glow
What: Dr Dennis Gross Instant glow facial and the Alpha beta peel
Where: The Nail Spa (they have several branches around town)
The treatment: They have a 20 minutes and 30 minutes option (the only difference is that the 30 minutes includes a mask and head massage). The treatment takes place on a comfortable chair with your hair tilted back rather than a massage bed, which makes it all very quick (which is lovely for someone on the go). The treatment started with a cleanser and toner, a smart spray is sprayed whenever water is applied on the face to keep ph levels at bay. This was followed by a fruit acid that tingles (this was a 3 step – the 1st decreasing ph levels, the 2nd increasing and the last step to balance.) The additional part ended with a head massage whilst the self heating mask was applied, which plumps and hydrates. Before I was good to go, I had serum and moisturiser applied on the skin.
Results: This is great for a quick fix, that gives quick effects. My face looked hydrated and oddly, with an actual glow right away – my skin also felt refreshed, which was probably from all the tingly sensations!
Recommended therapist: Selina
Cost: The Alpha beta peel is AED135 and the Instant glow is AED80.
Extra notes:
-Dr Dennis Gross is a well known dermatologist from New York, and his products are well known globally (Olivia Palermo is a fan!)- the brand’s facials are exclusive to The Nail Spa.
-This is great for fine lines, minimising pore size as well as helping with breakouts.
-You can also get the facial done whilst getting your mani or pedi – plus for women who are tight on time!

Get a Scalp refresher.
What: Philip B Four step hair treatment
Where: Jetset Salon, Emirates Towers branch
The treatment: Included four steps – It started with a rejuvenating oil (which was applied on to sections of the hair), before being put under heat to penetrate the product. This was followed with the peppermint shampoo, without using water followed by washing it with water – really makes your scalp feel fresh and tingly. It smells like eucalyptus! Moving on to the conditioner mask on the ends, brushed out with a comb and finally the fourth step of the leave in mist to tone and restore the ph levels of the hair post treatment.
Results: The hair definitely felt soft, moisturised and hydrated – my hair colour also looked brighter! The winning point for me was that my scalp felt detoxed, which is always good if your hair greases up quite fast or when product builds up.
Recommended stylist: Jorge
Cost: AED165
Extra notes:
-Wish it had a massage! Hair treatments always win for me because of a lovely scalp massage as well as the results.
-Jetset salon, please bring back your international magazines.

Relax at L’Occitane’s brand new spa in Dubai.
What: L’Occitane Relaxing Aromachologie massage
Where: L’Occitane’s first petit spa in Dubai – at JBR The Beach
The treatment: An hour long massage for stress relieving and unwinding – relaxing and up to your pressure of choice. The petit spa by L’Occitane is beautiful, with Immortelle flowers set around (their signature flowers) and set behind their new store at JBR The Beach It started with a foot soak using sugar cubes followed by my therapist (one of the best I’ve ever had for massages) pressing on pressure points on the feet. This was followed by one of the best massages I’ve done. You can tell that my masseuse, Tina knows her stuff. All the products used were by the brand and keep your skin hydrated for the full day.
Results: Relaxed, hydrated and revitalised. I definitely have to come back and try their facials.
Recommended therapist: Tina
Cost: AED350
Extra notes:
-The massage bed is quite stiff, it really makes all the difference when a bed is comfortable.
-FYI, you’ll be paying an extra AED40 for parking as L’Occitane are not participants of the token system.

Try a Buffalo Horn facial massage.
What: Guaza ‘Buffalo Horn’ Facial massage
Where: The Cure salon at Dubai Media City (BBC Building)
The treatment: A facial massage using buffalo horns – they are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. As soon as I arrived to the salon, I was greeted with a cold towel. The treatment began with a cleanse and exfoliation, before the special face massage (which was incredibly relaxing), not to mention a great way to increase the flow of oxygen and blood, and stimulates the facial muscles to remove toxins as well as give the skin a face lift – all taking place on their cosy facial bed. The treatment ended with a Nimue active toner (that tingles!) and a cooling gel mask to close up the pores.
Results: I felt relaxed and my skin felt super soft and ‘happy’
Recommended therapist: Anya, she really is great.
Cost: AED350, and they do also have special packages if you’d like to buy a few at once.

Change up with your regular massage… with an Oriental massage.
What: Oriental massage
Where: The Address Dubai Mall Spa
The treatment: I was greeted with a fresh orange, lemon and cucumber juice & a cold towel before the treatment. The massage was a 60 minute strong massage using several different culture’s techniques. The treatment was done using this gorgeously scented balm made out of teas instead of the usual massage oil.
Results: Relaxed and the balm made sure I was completely hydrated and smelt amazing for the rest of the day.
Recommended therapist: Leizl
Cost: AED565
Extra notes:
-The massage bed was one of the best – incredibly relaxing.
-Lots of waiting time, my therapist took ages to arrive.