My highlights this month

December 29

Jewelry: Tiklari

I love my jewellery – especially one of a kind cuffs, rings and necklaces. I recently ordered from this fab site, that I wanted to share with all of you. Everything on their site is hand-made in Artisan workshops in Istanbul – influenced by a “happy soul” state of mind and tested free of harmful chemicals such as lead and zinc – being a super jewellery range. I love that there’s so much good that goes behind those one of a kind, chic and incredibly affordable pieces. I got my hands on a few pieces but my favourite had to be the Derya cuff (shown above.)

Dental: Philips Sonicare Airfloss

There’s nothing more effective than flossing in between dental appointments to avoid any issues. I recently read about this tech flosser by Philips, thinking it would take the place of my flossers but that was not the case. The Airfloss uses the microburst technology that sprays micro droplets of air and water (which has mouth wash in it) to remove plaque and is quite quick – you could finish the whole mouth in a minute. Personally, I like using a traditional floss in the beginning followed by the Airfloss to make sure everything is squeaky clean. As you also fill it up with mouthwash, it really gives you a sense of freshness that a typical flosser couldn’t do.

Health: The Protein Bake Shop

These days, we really have no excuse for not eating healthily. More restaurants give us a large range of variety, and we now have many snack stops for healthy bites. One of those to check out would have to be The Protein Bake Shop. Started by Nutritionist, Rashi Chowdhary, TPBS in Umm Suqueim have a range of snacks from truffles minus preservatives, almond cookies to peanut butter bites. Personally, I prefer going for the real thing because they never really taste the same, but if you want to only put some good into your body, this is where to start. Rashi uses healthy baking alternative ingredients like coconut powder, almond flour to flaxseeds – minus any preservatives.

Fashion: Fashiola

These days online shopping has become a lot more time consuming than it was when we only had, and If you’re someone that gets overwhelmed with all the commerce sites, I suggest you check out Fashiola – ‘The Fashion Finder’ – a great way to find out all products for everyone from designer to high street – brands including ASOS, House of Fraser, Topshop, H&M, Michael Kors and Stella McCartney.

Therapy: BoxTherapy

I recently came across an amazing, amazing concept based out of Dubai called Boxtherapy, an edited box filled with different things that will make you discover, think and inspire. You sign up for different plans – everything from 1 month to a year, and you receive a box every month (Great gift idea too!). For the November box, it included an award winning book, beauty products, macarons, beauty products, an Nstyle gift card and a Heidi Klum mug – all packed up in a very cool box – I call this the culture Birchbox!


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