Fitness Choice: Bounce Fit at Bounce

November 8
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Where: The latest hip area in Dubai… Al Quoz, Dubai.

What: Trampoline park that just launched their fitness classes, genius!

Type of workout: Low impact, one hour trampoline workout, includes warm ups, stretching, bum drops, and squats. The class starts with a warm up around the trampoline park’s space. Most of the class is cardio based, and the rest is focused on the core.

What it helps: to get a high cardio workout, keeping your heart rate up. You’re also working on your core strength through out the workout to keep your balance.

The Studio: Bounce in Al Quoz

Changing rooms: They don’t have changing rooms, just toilets and cubbies.

Amenities: You have to bring your own towel, water and trainers. (They sell water for AED5)

Parking: They have their own dedicated parking right outside.

Recommended Instructors: Boxy (he’s the main instructor, hilarious and really helpful). Each class has Boxy and additional helping instructors.


Pro’s :

-The atmosphere is fun and hilarious with a little bit of bootcamp thrown in.

-The classes are in the morning, but bouncing for an hour really wakes you up and adds a lot of energy to the rest of your day. The adrenaline keeps you on a high all day!

-If you get bored easily, this is one to try. It’s definitely a high calorie burner.

-A low impact workout, so you don’t end up hurting your bones and joints as much as other workouts.



-It’s not a workout you can do everyday – the classes only take place 2-3 times a week with a 6am and 9am option.


Cost: AED120/session