Restaurant Review: Rosa Mexicano, Dubai

October 14

Ideal for… a casual Mexican stop.


Restaurant name and location: Rosa Mexicano, The Dubai Mall

Cuisine: Mexican

Atmosphere: A mall atmosphere – kids and families.

What they say: When we opened the first Rosa Mexicano (which means “Mexican pink”) with chef and co-founder Josefina Howard in 1984, New York Magazine applauded us for introducing New Yorkers to a “hitherto unfamiliar, elevated version of Mexican cuisine.” Today, we continue to redefine expectations with our contemporary Mexican cuisine rooted in authentic flavors utilizing socially responsible ingredients combined with stylish spaces and festive atmosphere.


What to order: 

-Guacamole (Fresh and flavourful – they do everything in front of you!)

-Quesadilla (Delicious, but not as heavy and greasy as other ones I’ve tried)

-Chicken Skillet (you can really customise it with their ‘make your own’ option)

-Mexican Donuts (pretty much Churros – have it with the caramel sauce)

-Pomegranate Margarita (Their signature, virgin)


Service: 8/10 – Ambarish & Angel really took care of myself & my sister.


What I loved:

-A Mexican chain from the US that opened up in the city!

-Being a Casual mall restaurant, it would be more of a Mexican fast food joint, but the ingredients were all about quality – I wouldn’t exactly compare it to other fast food restaurants.

-Fresh ingredients

-The Guacamole service with the waiters making it in front of you, using fresh ingredients using the right ones to your taste.


What I didn’t love as much:

-I personally didn’t have an issue with no alcohol, but you won’t exactly be heading here if you’d like Tequila with your dish.


Bill for two: AED150-AED200


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