5 minutes with… Actress & Singer, Nicole Saba

October 16
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I recently interviewed top Arabic actress and singer, Nicole Saba on her trip to Dubai for the Splash fashion show. Saba is the new face of their campaign to cater to the Middle Eastern consumer. I sat down and spoke to her on her role with Splash, what she would do in her other life and why she doesn’t use a stylist… 


How does it feel to be working with Splash?

I love it..I feel like I’m with my family. They’re very cool people..I love them. We click actually..and I’m so excited.


Is that what pulled you to working with them?

No..I didn’t know them from the beginning..but I loved the idea because I have a passion for fashion to begin with. So when they offered me to be their ambassador, I was excited!


Splash is known to be one of the biggest high strict get great things for great do you personally like shopping highs and lows?

No it doesn’t matter, I don’t think you have to have very expensive pieces to look stylish. There are people obsessed with big brands because they are expensive… I dislike that.


So it’s not about the brand?

No..not at all..just something that fits you..shows the best part from your body and is good quality, then go for it. The red dress that I was wearing in the TV ad, it just fits me like a glove and is very affordable.


How would you define your style? How would you describe it?

My style..I’m casual person, trendy and it depends on the occasion I have. You have to give every occasion it’s perfect outfit.  I don’t follow the trends.. I have to wear what fits me well.



This is my advice for every women, just wear what suits you, what makes you more comfortable..not what’s in fashion…


Do you work with a stylist?

No. I style my self


Ok amazing..

Yes..I love it..specially in my last video clip..I styled myself. If I wasn’t an artist I would be a fashion designer.. Maybe I will give Splash my own designs… ha!


You should!.. A collaboration with Nicole Saba (laughs) Moving on to beauty..what are your beauty essentials? 

Things that are important to me are beauty eat well..especially because we work under strong lightings for long hours.. so it is very hectic.. you need to sleep well.. you need to drink a lot of water..I believe the way you take care of yourself from the inside, shows on the outside.


Other than your project with Splash..Is there anything you’re working on at the moment?

Yes, we are starting to work on a TV series for Ramadan for next Ramadan..I released my new audio single a few days I’m happy with the feedback ..and of course, being a mother at the same time!