My Beauty Routine by Caroline Stanbury, Founder of

July 5

This week, we speak to Caroline Stanbury, the founder of about her beauty routine, her addiction to the vampire facial, and the pilates instructor she brings to her home.

-Beauty products i swear by

I swear by my very good friend Rebecca Korner’s skincare line Körna Skincare, and can’t live without her Rodial Cleanser and Body Moisturizer.


-What’s in my make up bag 

Nars Laguna bronzer, YSL lip gloss and mascara and MAC foundation.


-Vitamin supplements

Fish oil and Vitamin D.


-Perfect detox juice mix

Apart from a few exceptions I’m not much of a vegetable girl, so always go for red berries and ginseng.


-Favorite healthy dish

Green beans with everything, kale and spinach salad.



I frequently visit the renowned Waterhouse Young clinic, and have also become hooked on the Vampire Facial by Dr. Maryam Akhavan.


-Fitness routine

In my rare free time at home I use professional Pilates instructor Paola Di Lanzo from, and have also been using my amazing personal trainer David Diafat for the last 6 years.


-Skin/Body treatments you love

I love EFMediSpa’s lazer cellulite treatments, as well as full body scrubs.


-Hair Miracle

Moroccan Oil.


-Signature fragrance

Armani Rose Alexandrie