Tried & Tested: MAKE UP ARTISTS in Dubai.

February 3

FOR… The perfect brown smokey.

What & where: Pastels Salon on Al Wasl Road.

Base/Face: Flawless matte bronzed finish

Eyes: smokey with a brown copper, blended perfectly.

Make up brand: The artist mostly uses MAC cosmetics

Happy with first try? Yes! extra points…

Results: I had my make up done for the Emirates Woman of the year awards, and my make up lasted all night – my skin was matte, and it didn’t feel overly heavy on my face. I even left the lashes for the next morning!

Cost: 350AED unless Bridal.

Recommended artist: Joy


-love Pastel’s location, just don’t miss the Choitram service road

-Joy was trained by Vogue regular, Katie Cousins.

-I wish the chair was more comfortable!

Contact details:

FOR… Flawless skin.

What & where: Make up application at Zouari Salon, Royal Mirage hotel.

Base/Face:  I had a spray tan on so my skin was tricky, my skin looked good but my blusher looked slightly ashy.

Eyes: Clean, with a liner and fake lashes.

Make up brand: Make up Forever.

Happy with first try? I asked for a few amendments to make it look less Arabic.

Results: It was different to my usual make up, but my face felt clean and fresh all day.

Long lasting: I got it done at 10 30am, it lasted till after midnight.

Cost: Upon request

Recommended artist: Jamila


-Super comfortable chair.

-Private space, curtains closed up.

-Jamila fixed my eyebrows for me, which was a nice added touch to make my make up look even.

Contact details:


FOR… Radiant Skin.

What & where: Make up application at Tips and Toes

Base/Face: The base wasn’t my favourite – As it’s mineral make up and she used a powder, my skin felt like it needed more blending and a more airbrushed base.

Eyes: The eyes were a beautiful smokey eye finish with long lashes.

Make up brand: Jane Irredale

Happy with first try? Very!

Results: This has to be one of the best smokey eye I’ve ever gotten.

Long lasting: Got it done in the morning, lasted all day and I even traveled with the make up!

Cost: 350AED for make up/ 50AED for quick fix

Recommended artist: Souhaila


-Private make up room and a comfortable bed – Even dozed off due to how comfortable it was.

Contact details:

FOR… A Sexy Smokey.

What & where: Freelance make up artist, Sara Kurtulus – She came to my place for my make up appointment.

Base/Face: Bronzed and matte.

Eyes:  Brown smokey matte eye – I probably would’ve preferred it with more shades of brown but Sara’s good with giving you a look you want.

Make up brand: Laura Mercier and Bare Minerals primarily.

Happy with first try? Yes!

Results: I was very happy and it lasted all day and night.

Cost: Upon request

Recommended artist: Sara herself.

Extras: For PRs that need to book artists for shoots, check her site below!

Contact details:

FOR…Natural Perfection

What & where: Machka Beauty on Al Wasl Road.

Base/Face: The Artist used Kryolan, a theatrical make up line on my skin. The base was a foundation stick by Kryolan which gave my skin a bronzed, dewy with perfect coverage.

Eyes: I love the style Ishraq does on my eyes, which is quite a light brown with a darker colour on the edge followed by individual lashes. It makes my eyes bigger, rather than being a heavy base on the eyes.

Make up brand: A mix, but mostly theatrical make up.

Happy with first try? Yes, Ishraq is great. Best to also bring pictures of looks you like for inspiration.

Results: Ishraq loves getting feedback which I like, but she’s also quite talented, so one to trust for make up ideas.

Long lasting: It lasts all day and night till I remove the make up, and the lashes lasted 1-2 days after.

Cost: Starting from AED350

Recommended artist: Ishraq

Extras: They have everything under one roof so do get your nails during the process, and hair after.


FOR… Strong and Defined Eyes.

What & where: Turkuaz, the Turkish salon on Al Wasl Road.

Base/Face: A bronzed matte finish

Eyes: Striking, strong eyes with jet black smokey with a touch of gold. I also had individual lashes applied on to the eye so it didn’t overload the eye.

Make up brand: A range of MAC cosmetics, Sephora and Too Faced.

Happy with first try? Yes, I just had to remove the gold layers to make it look a little more modern.

Results: Strong eyes and matte skin. It lasted all night with no touch ups.

Long lasting: Yes.

Cost: AED 350

Recommended artist: Burcu


-I loved how they have a large spacious room for make up with a super comfortable and professional chair.

-All the brushes were opened in front of me, and were cleaned right before using which I was very happy about.

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