Treatments to Try: Hair Botox, Red Carpet Facial, & the most effective Pedicure.

January 28

Photo: Salon on the yard

Tame your hair… with Hair Botox at The Dollhouse Dubai

After getting into the Keratin, Brazilian blowout sort of treatments, I’ve been addicted. Hair Botox is under that umbrella. I recently booked in for a Hair Botox appointment with Shilpa at The Dollhouse at Dubai Ladies Club (you can always count on great service from those ladies). Hair Botox is slightly more expensive than Keratin and the Brazilian blowouts because not only does it remove the frizz, it also restores lost proteins into the hair to leave it shiny, soft and manageable. The treatment starts off with a wash using the Hair Botox shampoo to remove the residue and making sure the hair is clear and clean before applying the Botox treatment – this also opens up the hair cuticles with the clarifying shampoo. The hair botox treatment is then applied (it has active ingredients to penetrate the hair cuticle) and left on the hair for 45 minutes. The hair was then washed with a mask to seal everything in as well as moisturise the hair and the scalp before being washed again, dried then run over with a straightener to seal the ingredients into the hair. Another thing I liked about the treatment is the fact that it didn’t burn my eyes or skin, just felt slightly itchy when it was on my hair. I was very happy with the results, which stays for around 2-4 months – the only downfall is the fact that it removes hair colour when it opens up the cuticles so if you have done hair colour, speak to the stylist before as it might not be the perfect treatment for you.

Get Red Carpet ready… with a Red Carpet facial at Biolite.

As mentioned previously, you get facials for deep cleaning or ones that give off instant effect. The Red Carpet facial is for that instant effect and glow. Perfect if you have a big event… Book yourself for a morning Red Carpet Facial at Biolite before your hair and make up appointments. I’ve been to Biolite a few years ago, and so excited that they opened up a Jumeirah branch. Not only is it much closer to where I live, it’s super relaxing, quiet and feels cosy – the perfect atmosphere to get your treatments in. The facial consisted of a cleansing session, exfoliation followed by an oxygen facial as well as radio therapy.  The Oxygen facial is used to rejuvenate and add lost oxygen and energy back into your skin and the serums are packed with active ingredients which gives you immediate results – from brightened skin to a deep cleanse that removes pollution and dust from the skin (which we get a lot in Dubai.). The Radio Frequency part of the facial heats the deep layer of your skin without damaging the top layer. That heat  causes the collagen in our skin to contract and tighten. This treats sagging jaw lines, loose skin and dark circles. My skin ended up feeling brightened, soft and refreshed. I also love how they apply mineral make up right after so you don’t look completely barefaced if you have an appointment/meeting right after!

Recommended therapist: Richie.

Relax… with a Yhi Abhyanga massage at Yhi Spa, Melia Hotel

I recently booked in for an 80 minute aromatherapy massage – The Yhi Abhyanga massage at Yhi Spa at the Melia Hotel. I actually didn’t know about the hotel but found out it’s a hidden gem in Bur Dubai. Being a person that has the worst sense of direction, I thought I was going to struggle finding the hotel but I pretty much got there via Al Wasl Road. The hotel is a chic boutique one, with modern interiors. If there’s one thing I love treating myself to… it’s an Aromatherapy massage and this has to be at the top of my list. Using Almond oil (one of my favourites), it was an 80 minute deep rhythmic massage using warm essential oils (primarily Almond) in a relaxing & rejuvenating way to eliminate inert energy as well as activating our ‘PRANA’ (life force) to the stimulate our body’s vital energy.

Recommended therapist: Nuy

Give your hair a spa treatment… with a Caviar hair treatment at Purity Medical Spa, Dubai.

Al Wasl road is filled with beauty salons and spas, but it’s easy being lost in a dilemma when choosing the right one because I’ve been to amazing ones, good ones, bad and just plain ugly. I recently headed to Purity Med spa, who just had a revamp – they have treatments like Laser hair removal, medical facials to a hair salon under one roof. After a busy DIFF and festive season, my hair needed major SOS and so I booked myself in for a Caviar Hair treatment by Alterna hair care (the brand that Katie Holmes fronts). Convinient location, I was excited to check out the spa (which by the way is beautiful and super professional with SMS reminders). My treatment started with a shower (they have SUPER comfortable shower chairs, feels like a sofa, extra points!) and had my hair washed with the Caviar shampoo, conditioner then had the Caviar clinical hair mask put into my hair with a relaxing 10 minute massage. I was then moved to my chair, with a steamer to let my hair take in the product (which has limited chemicals, and completely natural). After being left under the steamer for some time, I was moved back to the shower to get it washed out. (I must say some steamers really make your hair feel like it’s on fire, but this one was comfortable.) My hair felt incredibly soft and smelt amazing – this is perfect for damaged hair or just a pick me up because of the pollution our hair goes through within chemicals and environmental. Just make sure to get it done during the week as it’s best to not style your hair post treatment and let it rest.

Recommended therapist: Vera


Promote positivity… with a Colour Therapy session at SpaDunya Club, Dubai.

I’ve been hearing about SpaDunya for some time – they have also won the best day spa award (they have face, hair, and body treatments including make up) so I booked in for The Gloom buster, coincidently on a gloomy day in Dubai. I’ve never tried Colour therapy before and was eager to check it out. The Gloom buster is a series of 3 wellness massages that you buy as a package of AED785 – they include massage treatments using Orange, Gold and Green colours to help create a shift in mind, promote happiness, energise you and allow you to recharge. My treatment started off with a foot ritual with pure himalayan salt whilst filling out my consultation form, the colour consultation then took place where I chose three colours that stood out for me – my therapist sprayed it on to my hands, whilst I let myself smell the aura before starting the treatment. I was then shown to the changing rooms, before heading to my treatment room laying on a heated bed for a 60 minutes full body massage. Not only did it help the tension I had within the muscles, the Altearah Bio perfumes really uplifted my mood and definitely gave my body the push I needed for the week.

Recommended therapist: Evangeline

Get an effective pedicure… with a Machine Pedicue at Galina’s Beauty Salon

I tend to get manicures once a week or once every 10 days as I use my hands regularly, and they dry up which makes them ready for the next manicure quickly. However with a really good pedicure, I’ve realised it can go a long way. Finding an effective pedicure is vital, gives you great looking & healthy feet whilst saving you time (even though you can always get work done whilst getting a pedicure!). I recently booked in for a Machine Pedicure at Galinas Beauty Salon in Al Barsha. The owner has trained staff from the largest Nail bars here in Dubai, even though the salon is hidden and tiny in the midst of Al Barsha. The Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal treatment includes products by German brand, Balsan and is mainly a dry pedicure however in Dubai, due to it being a muslim country – they wash the feet with water after doing the work. The treatment starts with a Balsan Lotion to soften cuticles, nails and removal of hard callus – it slightly burnt my feet but it made me realise that it’s working to remove the stubborn callus. The dry skin was then removed with a spatula (formally called Anatomical Callus tool) and drillers (No pain whatsoever). After all the work was done and my feet felt like a baby’s, a Balsan creme balance was applied to the sole – it’s a non grease, powder effect cream – before going into the nail colour. I was super impressed with the treatment… yes it takes longer and more expensive than your typical pedicure – but it’s more effective and you get longer lasting soft & healthy feet. As the products don’t have acids, and just alkali – it’s safe for home use as well. The only pointer I have was my toe nails were stained from the liquids used.