Hair Tutorial: Festive hairstyles

December 24

So excited to share that I’ve teamed up with Hair brand, Eideal for a monthly feature on how to get your hair done at home without having to run to the hairdressers or invest in hair styling appointments every time you have a different occasion. It’s the festive season which means Christmas lunches, Christmas parties, and New Years Eve. This month, I’ve gone for two looks within the Festive theme – both include wavy/curly hair – so it’s easily adaptable but here is a step to step guide on how to get your base followed by a more dressier and defined look too. PS as it’s festive season, here’s a promo code to get 25% discount on the products I used – just add the code TALA on




A step-by-step guide to glamorous, festive hair showing two looks that easily be adapted from day to night.


What you will need to complete the looks:




Medium ceramic round barrelled brush

Volumizing spray

Medium hold hairspray

Wide-barrelled curling tong

Small-barrelled curling tong


Look 1 (Daytime)


Step 1 (Optional blowdry)


Soft and fine hair types can skip this stage and begin at step 2 with second-day hair, which will have a better grip. For thick and wavy hair types I would always begin with a blowdry to smooth the texture and create a clean canvas.


Spritz a volumizing spray at the root and rough dry the hair to 80%. Now, apply your heat protection and take smaller sections of the hair and, using a medium barrelled ceramic brush, smooth from top to bottom and wrap the hair around the barrel, this will create a loose curl. Be sure to curl the hair inwards and use the nozzle on your hairdryer when applying heat, this will give you more control. It is important to use a high-quality ceramic brush as the ceramic barrel speeds-up the drying process by conducing heat and will help to reduce frizz.


Step 2  (Wide-barrelled curls)


After your hair is completely dry allow it cool down, this will help to set your style. I have used my comb to create a deep side parting as I feel it always adds instant glamor to a look.


Next, take wide sections of the hair and wrap them around your wide-barrelled curling tongs, hold for a few moments and release. Again, I am curling inwards towards the face as this creates a more flattering look. I have used EIDEAL’s e-CURLER as it has an extra large 38mm barrel, which is coated in nano-silver and nano-titanium to offer additional heat protection and extra shine! Whilst I’m curling, I mist my hair with a medium hold hairspray to ensure my curls will stay in place.


Step 3 (Defining the curls)


Once the curls are in place I leave them to cool for 5 minutes. After my hair has cooled I use my fingers and a comb to loosen and define the curls. I use my tong to curl under any stray ends and add one, final mist of hairspray to complete the look.



Look 2 (Night)


Take this look from day to night with a few simple steps. This time we are going to work with smaller sections and a narrow curling tong to achieve the perfect, festive evening look.


Step 1 (Tight curls)


Working with small sections I repeat the curling process used for look one using a small-barrelled tong, this will create a set of springy, tight curls. After working my way around all of my hair I add a spritz of hairspray and leave my hair to cool.


Step 2 (Loosen and define)


Once my hair has cooled I use my fingers lightly to pull the curls apart and push them into shape. For some high impact volume I use my comb to tease the under layers before setting the style with some hairspray.