November 4

Fashion Forward launched their first season earlier this year, and exceeded people’s expectations. When they mentioned that Season two was going to top the first one, many thought they would get disappointed but Bong Guerrero, Fashion Forward’s Founder & CEO never disappoints… Season two was on another level. More talks (featuring Halston Heritage’s CEO, Ben Malka and’s Founder), more international press (Vogue US, Marie Claire Italia…), and more exciting regional designer additions (Reem Al Kanhal and Madiyah Al Sharqi to name a few…). I couldn’t attend the full event this season as it was during Eid (I traveled to Toronto) but I thought I would share my highlights from the week in a a digestible form. What did you love about Fashion Forward? Hope you caught my talk with Grazia Middle East editor in chief, Elaine Greenshields & LCF instructor, Paul Tierney!


-The structured & flower appliqué blazers, and attention to detail at The Emperor 1688, the talented trio – The Golkar brothers.

-Minimalist, constructed dresses with a 20’s Art Deco twist at Dubai-based, Filipino designer Ezra‘s show.

-Wearable, Urban & tribal prints with a sporty twist from the KAGE show, designed by Arwa Abdelhadi and Basma Abou Ghazaleh.

-Her strongest collections yet, I definitely want to be wearing Dima Ayad’s African inspired prints & colours next season.


-Royal silks, embellishments and soft pastels from Doha based brand, Toujouri.

-Sheers and Pastels incorporated into a strong collection of cuts and details by Fujeirah Royal, Madiyah Al Sharqi.


Until next season…

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