Treatments to try in October.

October 12

-A celebrity favorite facial… Rodial’s Glamtox A-lister facial at Shuiqi Spa, Atlantis

The brand was designed to bridge the gap between scientific and natural skin care. For women who want an alternative to botox and cosmetic procedures or one to optimize the effect. The treatments target specific skin concerns wrinkles, age spots, hydration and skin radiance. The brand has an avid celebrity following due to their long lasting benefits. The Glamtox is an anti-ageing, hydrating, plumping and protecting treatment.

I recently booked myself in for my first Rodial Facial at Atlantis’s Shuiqi spa. After being made my way into the lovely treatment room with the super comfy bed and air pillow, I had my make up removed by the cleansing balm followed by a toning spritz followed by a peel mask to exfoliate the skin as a mask for five minutes. Once that was put on, I was given a mini massage on my lips to plump and hydrate them followed by a massage on the face and hands. The 50 minute treatment ended with an SPF cream was applied around my eyes and across my face. I instantly felt like my skin looked hydrated and was glowing ready to leave the treatment going over night. For more details, click here

Recommended therapist: Sherylle


-Close your pores with -160 Celsius air… at Cryo Health Spa

Don’t mistaken this as an alternative to your regular facials, look at this as a treatment instead. I’ve been hearing quite a bit on Cryo Heath Spa, which opened up this Summer at Emirates Towers. The technology is used within facials and body treatments in their super cool, modern and futuristic clinic. It helps with injuries, soothing your muscles all the way to boosting your collagen and closing your pores. I did the deluxe facial, which started off with a very basic cleansing and exfoliation, followed by my skin getting exposed to -160 Celsius of cold air followed by serum and moisturiser, As a person that freezes with AC, i was dreading yet (yet intrigued!) but I must say with a towel on my body, I was able to bear 10 minutes of the freezing air, which left me feeling refreshed and my skin felt tightened. I only wish there was a massage somewhere to complete this facial…

Recommended therapist: Medina


-Support Breast Cancer awareness… with an Ombre Manicure at The Nail Spa

Every year, brands try to support breast cancer awareness – most of the time, they are super commercial so I don’t really pay much attention to. However, this year – I’m super impressed with what one of my favourite nail salon is up to. The Nail Spa are launching a Breast Cancer Awareness package which includes a pink Ombre manicure, a limited edition shower cap as well as an Essentially juice consisting of Pink Grapefruit, Fennel and Apple Juice (I love Essentially!) 25% of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Arabia. So not only are you doing good, you are getting one of the best manicures, in a chic shade if I say so myself, as well as a luxury shower cap you can use when you don’t want to wash your hair. Call up and book your appointment anytime between October 1st-31st. For more details, click here

-Ease away your stress… with ‘A Trip to Freedom’ at Grosvenor House’s spa, b/attitude

I haven’t been to Grosvenor House’s spa before, but have been hearing about it for some time so I was intrigued to check it out. I was welcomed with water, cold towel, grapes and a shot of orange juice – which was refreshing to start my treatment with whilst filling out the straight to the point consultation form. The spa was beautiful and spacious (for a hotel), felt like I was in the Far East on an Island, which makes you really forget what’s happening around you.The treatment that I was in for ‘A trip to freedom’ is one of b/attitude’s traditional treatments. For the treatment, I was given a choice of oils, I went with Orange for a more pick me up essence – the massage uses different techniques in medium pressure with stretches including kneading to help ease away stretch. One thing I was majorly impressed with was that the spa had hands down, one of the comfiest massage beds with the face hole – I’ve been on several that just didn’t feel comfortable enough. The relaxing room is gorgeous with jacuzzi, plunge pools, steam/sauna whilst being treated on a heated bed with nuts, fruits and tea. For more details, click here.

Recommended Therapist: Kani


-Get the Moroccan experience… Hammam at the Royal Mirage

I’ve tried a Hammam once, had a bad experience and never tried it again. Till, I booked in at Royal Mirage hotel – I’ve heard if your’e ever going to get a Hammam, it has to be at the Royal Mirage Hotel. It has it’s own entrance within the oriental hammam section of the spa – that’s how specialised it is. I booked in for The Royal Hammam – they also have a Traditional Hammam experience which is 50 minutes instead of the 80 if you’re tight on time. I was greeted with chilled orange juice, before making my way to the changing room to get into my ‘gear’. The hammam room – open to the same gender (there are men and women hours) there are also private options (which is what I booked for). Starts off by getting washed with an all natural black moroccan soap, which is used to wash the whole body. The soap is left on your body, whilst sitting in the steam room for 10-15 minutes. This leaves you with your skin pores being open, and was given an intensive/vigorous full body scrub using the loofah. The body was then washed (it was amazing seeing the dead skin on the towel!) A clay mask made out of natural eucalyptus scented ‘Ghassoul’ was then applied to the full body whilst a natural honey mask was applied on the face – that was left on the skin for 10 minutes with a blanket over. Once that is washed off, I got a deep massage using the black soap, and finished off with a mini scalp massage that ended the treatment on a relaxed note. I was so impressed with the treatment and felt squeaky clean and fresh. If you’re looking for a great scrub at the spa, I recommend you book in for this instead. Not only is it an amazing experience with great results – it’s definitely not a fad treatment. For more details, click here

Recommended therapist: Monia


What I wouldn’t recommend… The Address Marina Spa

I arrived 10 mins late and the staff at the desk were impolite, slow and didn’t take me in… Bad Front desk service.