On my Plate: SimSim, Dubai.

October 29
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My cousin has been out of town for quite some time so we went out for an Arabic breakfast once he got back to a new restaurant that opened nine months ago at JBR, The Walk called SimSim. I loved the fact that the cuisine was Palestinian, and that the restaurant had a modern twist to it.


Restaurant name and location: SimSim in JBR, The Walk – Dubai.

Cuisine: Palestinian.

Atmosphere: Relaxed, even though the place wasn’t empty.

What they say: SimSim is now serving Levantine cuisine and charm…

Enjoy traditional breakfasts, leisurely lunches, quick bites, and celebratory meals – in the warmth of a large and beautifully designed restaurant. Discover the dishes of Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Egypt. Try some of the traditional Palestinian house specialties. Sit back and savour authentic ingredients, and classic recipes – all day long. Our recipes borrowed from grandmothers in Gaza and Ramallah, and natural ingredients sourced from Amman, Nablus, Toulkarem and surrounding villages – it is as authentic as it gets.” Some of SimSim’s most popular dishes are Mansaf, Shakshukat Bandora, Fattet Batinjan bil Lahmeh, Musakhan Dajaj, Fattoush Gazawi, and the traditional sweets – Kunafah, and Tamriyeh


What to order:

-Foul sim sim (Their House specialty. We had the Lebanese foul with Whole fava, chick peas, tomato, and olive oil.)

-Shakshukat Bandora (Spicy tomato sauce and eggs)

-Fattet hummus bil laban wal lahmeh (Mashed chickpeas, minced meat and pine nuts with creamy yogurt sauce)

-Manakish (Freshly made, we had Labneh zaatar and Cheese)

-Almond milk cafe latte (Almond milk. How amazing.)

-Tamriyah (Dessert… Pastry with orange blossom with sugar. yum. Palestinian delight.)


Service: Great, the waiters have their names on their back & we had ours with us the whole time.


What I loved:

-There is a public parking right opposite, one of the main things I dislike about JBR is the parking issues and this doesn’t have any issues.

-They have Almond milk/soy milk latte options on the menu. Dubai restaurants, please take note. I would come back just to have that Almond Milk latte.

-Whole wheat Pita breads!

-Interiors – A lot of things on the wall were bought by Rula Hamed, the owner from Palestine & Jordan. They also have humorous Arabic sayings on the wall.

-Talking about modern twists, the Waiters have their names on back rather than the typical badge.



Bill for two: 200AED


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