September 18


This week, I’ve teamed up with Vince Camuto on an exciting competition giving away THREE pieces from the brand. A statement necklace, classic shoes from the fall collection as well as their brand new perfume which costs around 800AED. (Info on the brand and perfume below!)

How to enter:

-Like Vince Camuto on facebook here

-Like Myfashdiary on facebook here

-Confirm the above in the comment box below.

Vince Camuto would like to invite all My Fash diary readers to the launch of the Fall collection at the Vince Camuto store in Dubai Mall from 8.30-10pm on Wednesday September 25th

Information on the fall collection

Vince Camuto fall 2013 offers three inspired trends steeped in culture and history. With each trend in the fall 2013 collection, Tour of Duty, Factory Girl, and Kings Road, Vince Camuto promises a style for ‘every occasion.


Tour of Duty offers utilitarian, military-inspired silhouettes in rich tones of chestnut, olive and burgundy.  Factory Girl swings into the season with fashionable favorites that give a glamorous nod to mod and Kings Road sets the tone for a sumptuous season of regal craftsmanship and ornate baroque embellishments.


Information on the perfume

Vince Camuto, is a sensual floral chypre scent created by celebrated perfumer Steve demercado.  As the fragrance opens, the nectar of osmanthus, a rare Chinese flower with a luscious scent, blends with Bulgarian white rose.  Fresh and captivating, the contrast of deep, rich notes of leather and the delicate essence of night blooming jasmine create an alluring signature.  As the fragrance evolves its sensuality lingers as warm, enticing notes of vanilla, patchouli and warm amber brazil are embraced by soft, creamy skin musk.

Vince Camuto glistens with golden detail: the delicate outline of the Camuto family crest surrounds the cap and appears on a ribboned medallion adorning the facade of the bold, angled bottle. A brilliant hot pink seal featuring the motif of the Camuto crest stands out on the bright white packaging.

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  • Sara Ahmed

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    Please pleasee let me win!!!!!! i really want to win this!!!! for once let me win please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    OMg i hope i win this!!!!!!!!!!! i want this so bad!
    i love love love Vince Camuto so much!!!!!

    hope i win it!!!!!!

  • Sara

    PLEASE GOD LET ME WIN THIS!!!!! *fingers crossed*

  • Mariam Hassan

    Good luck to me!! hope i win it!!!

    Vince Camuto is one of my favorite!!

    would mean the world to me to win it!!

  • Sheeri

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  • Kami

    Thanks Tala, very exciting! All three steps done. Fingers crossed.

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    I liked both your page and Vince Camuto’s! such a nice competition, I really hope I win. Thank you.

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  • Hassan

    I never enter your competitions because most of them are for girls (and I’m a boy) but this time I am entering because I want to win this bunch for my mum 🙂 Everything in the pic is something she would use and wear.

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    Good karma for my poor broken pinky toe that’s taking weeks to heal!

    This will be the very first thing I put on when I’m all healed up =).


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