My Beauty Routine by Tamara Ecclestone.

August 23

Tamara Ecclestone was recently in Dubai to launch her beauty brand SHOW beauty at Harvey Nichols, Dubai. Tamara shared her beauty routine exclusively with – She also mentions how she doesn’t like to detox, and loves to enjoy a truffle pizza.


Beauty products I swear by

I swear by Clinique eye makeup remover, Dermalogica moisturizer, SHOW beauty hair spray and a ‘lash’


What’s in my make up bag

In my makeup bag I have MAC blot powder, MAC love lorn lipstick, Nars bronzer, a chubby stick, Clinique CC cream


Vitamin supplements

I don’t really take vitamin supplements just vitamin B from time to time


Perfect detox juice mix

I don’t detox.


Favorite healthy dish

Favorite healthy dish is lentil soup, Favorite non healthy dish truffle pizza -I say everything in moderation.



My dermatologist is Dr Lowe, genius!!


Fitness routine

I’ve just started working out and I love it, I never thought I would enjoy it so its a big surprise! I try and keep it interesting mixing going to the park with my trainer, or going to the gym and working out.


Skin/Body treatments

I love a good massage, to relax away a busy day it’s a perfect beauty treat!


Hair Miracle

My SHOW beauty dry shampoo really is a hair miracle works on all hair not too chalky it’s perfect, go on try it out!!


Signature fragrance

I’m actually allergic to fragrance, as soon as I put it on my skin I get a headache, that is why the scent of my SHOW beauty products was so important to smell lovely without being a perfume – they smell of my two favourite things desert and holidays and it lasts all day!!