My Beauty Routine by Taylor Tomasi Hill, Artistic Director at Moda Operandi.

August 11

This week, the incredibly stylish and the beauty with the striking red hair on the street style circuit, Taylor Tomasi Hill shares her beauty routine exclusively with Myfashdiary. She talks about how juice cleanses are not for her and how she swears by Cle de Peau concealer (my ultimate favorite).


My Beauty Routine:
My beauty routine is surprisingly low maintenance. Aside from coloring my hair, I try to keep it as simple as possible. In the mornings, it’s always wash and run. For an event, I make sure to book my hair appointment four days in advance, that way it’s a bit disheveled the day of—four-day-old hair is the way to go. I always hate my hair on the first day. For makeup, I’m pretty easygoing as well: I use cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, followed by light makeup for the office.

Beauty products I swear by: 
-Cle de Peau Concelear
-Villimey Organic Hud Galdur Skin Cream
-La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream

What’s in my make up bag:
-Weleda Chapstick
-Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil in Pink Mauve
-MAC Powder Blush in Fluer Power: Every day at around 3 p.m., I take a break for rouge time—meaning a little makeup refresher, starting with the blush. It can change my whole face.

Vitamin supplements:
I just started taking Vitamins B and C. Back in December I took a fall and fractured my pelvis, so that was an indicator that I definitely needed more vitamins in my life. I’ll also be adding Vitamin D to the list.

Perfect detox juice mix:
I tried a juice cleanse once and it really wasn’t for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the occasional green juice or smoothie. Lately, I’ve been into this concoction recommended to me by a coworker: using a Nutra-Bullet, mix brussel sprouts, kale, grapes, apples, ginger, and blueberries for the perfect juice blend. The key is to leave on the skins and stems, as they hold the most nutrition!

Favorite healthy dish:
I can always go for an avocado and hearts palm salad. I’m also a big fan of beans. Black beans are my weakness.

Dr. Chapas has been working very hard on me lately.

Fitness routine:
After my fall, I wasn’t able to get back to yoga. Five months later, I’m ready to start Bikram again. My goal is to go everyday. It does wonders for my energy levels and general mood.

Skin/Body treatments:
I just started going to this new dentist where you can get foot reflexology while you’re in the dentist chair. I’m all about multitasking! For example, a manicure/pedicure combination followed by a massage in the chair by my go-to ladies Rose and Jane is my idea of heaven; one stope and everything is done!