Treatments to try in July.

July 13

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-Shots for the hair… with Redken Chemistry hair shot treatment.

With how bad the water in Dubai is for our hair, it’s vital that we invest in 1-2 great hair treatments a month. I recently popped by to Sisters beauty lounge to try out their brand new Redken Chemistry hair shot treatment. An alternative to their Kerastase treatments at the salon, this is the less expensive option, and quicker than the other ones – great for girls on the go. After a quick consultation, the hairstylist finds out what shots your hair needs (I went for extreme protein, color extend, and all soft – to give my hair the hydration it needs, to smooth it out, and maintain the color shine) After getting my hair washed, my stylist, Farah applied the treatment on my scalp followed by the all soft mask on my hair with a head massage (love those…). She finished off the treatment with a PH balance spray to bring the ph levels of my hair back to it’s normal state. For more details, click here


-Relieve tired feet… with a Sports Pedicure at Sugar Urban Spa

If you’re someone like me that works out quite regularly, this is a beauty treatment for you. I recently headed to the Mall of the Emirates branch of Sugar Urban Spa (close to Sensasia express). Running and cycling can really take a toll on the feet, so a pedicure with a paraffin treatment is always great but this Sports pedicure is specifically perfect. The treatment started off with a gel to soften the feet, followed by a lemongrass scrub on the calves and feet and concluding with the regular pedicure whilst watching Gossip girl (they feature reruns of Gossip girl, and have headphones for you to use… If only they also had internet.) For nailpolish at Sugar Urban, they have a range of OPI and China Glaze.


-Get bronzed up…  with Sisters Beauty Lounge’s mousse tan.

I’ve had a few tanning disasters growing up, and that’s when I knew – the only self tan to do is the professional ones. I used to visit Sisters beauty lounge to get the Fake bake spray tans – which looked quite great but always dreaded the fan they use with the gun – but they are definitely one of the best in tan. Sisters Beauty Lounge recently introduced St Tropez (how hot does Kate Moss look in the new ads?!), and have two options – the spray tan or the manual application. As a person who doesn’t adore the spray fan, I decided to try the manual application – the tan is done in their treatments room. The therapist first cleanses your skin with a light exfoliation, followed by the application of the self tan mixed with a moisturizer. After the therapist applied the self tan, I was asked to wait for 5-10 minutes before having the excess wipes and able to leave. The first 8-9 hours, you look like you’ve got mud all over so I suggest planning a TV marathon that night – luckily, I was packing away for my morning flight. After taking a shower, I was ecstatic to see that the streaks vanished, and I looked bronze… already thinking about the next one. PS it lasted a whole good week. For more details, click here