My Beauty Routine by Musician, Kate Nash.

July 21

Photo: Christopher Dadey



This week, I speak to Musician, Kate Nash about her beauty classics, her beauty gurus, and the art to feeling beautiful. Check out her brand new video above.


-Beauty products I swear by:

Ruby Woo red lipstick by MAC is extremely matte and I always wear it on stage. Any other lipstick will be on my forehead by the end of a show. And they have a gel eyeliner that is so difficult to get off I once bruised my eye! I only use an oil-based makeup remover with it these days, but I love the fact it doesn’t smudge. I use Dermalogica makeup remover and moisturiser, L’Oréal hairspray and Smashbox photo finish primer feels crazy soft on my skin.


-What’s in my make up bag:

Chanel Foundation. I used to have really bad skin so I only use really good quality products on my skin now. My Maybelline Great Lash mascara doubles up as a great bottle opener. I also have dandelion blusher from Benefit, Nars for bright colours, Benefit eyebrow kits and a variety of MAC lipsticks.


-Vitamin supplements:

I take multivitamins that I get from Whole Foods, Echinacea and Vitamin C. I use Berocca on the road and I take Evening Primrose Oil.


-My Perfect detox juice mix:

Green juices: Kale, spinach, celery, apple and ginger.


-My Favorite healthy dish: 

In LA there’s this crazy vegan place called Cafe Gratitude and they do this amazing macrobiotic bowl that makes you feel amazingly good after eating it.



I’m always all over the place so I don’t really have a regular person. And being on tour can be so bad for your skin. I think getting plenty of sleep and drinking loads of water and having a detox after tour really helps. No drinking, lots of sleeping and good quality products on my skin, I always use Dermalogica products.


-My Fitness routine:

I have a personal trainer called Kate Burrows that I see whenever I can. She works in a fitness studio in Bethnal Green. I decided I wanted to get fitter last year and she works me really hard. I’m too lazy to go to a gym. I really need to be motivated by someone else so I love working with her. I feel better in my mind when I’m exercising. And then when I’m on tour I’m doing such a vigorous workout on stage for an hour and a half every night.


-Skin/Body treatments:

I bought a sea salt scrub when I went to Israel that is amazing, so I give myself a good scrub every morning. I love getting a really intense massage. It needs to be very firm otherwise I’m too ticklish. I like things like seaweed wraps where they wrap you up nice and tight.


-Hair Miracle:

Evan Huang, my hair guy, can do crazy things. He is a total genius.


-Key to feeling beautiful?

Confidence in oneself and self-acceptance. Putting yourself first and surrounding yourself with people that make you feel happy and loved and appreciated. Getting rid of anyone that doesn’t. Giving yourself a break, don’t be too hard on yourself. I feel like when I’m stressed I put loads of pressure on myself to be succeeding at everything and then I feel rubbish when I’m not. When I’m taking it day-by-day I feel a lot better. Someone that makes me laugh and someone who thinks I’m really funny makes me feel beautiful too.