My KCal Wellness Diary: Week Three.

June 6
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Sorry for the delay in how I ended my wellness program… The last week of my Kcal program. Definitely getting more of a hang of KCal, and treating it more like a lifestyle than a diet which I’ve come to understand the purpose of the wellness program. (wow, I’m sounding like I’m getting deep into this Wellness program.)

Once you’re on for over two weeks, you end up knowing your favorite dishes, where you can modify substitutions for meals.

The Food timetable:
A few of you have asked me on social media to share a sample menu of my program so thought I’d share it here – please note this is the Wellness program. They also have an athletic and weight loss one. 

Did I lose weight?
Nope, it’s probably because I didn’t choose weight loss but I would have loved to have lost a kilo to just show me a)motivation b)that one needs to be healthier

Would I do it again?
As a detox? no. As a regular lifestyle program? yes.

Did I get hungry on Kcal?
No, I would add a latte and would sometimes cheat with some chocolate, due to cravings but I would usually not finish everything as they do send a lot of food.

Feelings whilst on Kcal?
Less bloated, healthier and balanced.