Interesting treatments to try out this Summer

June 12
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-Hair Botox at Tips and Toes Salon

A favorite among the stars after I googled it (Everyone from Kate Hudson to Jessica Biel get it done), but I do remember being confused after hearing ‘Hair Botox’ is a hair treatment women have been getting done. I’ve been reading about Hair Botox for a few months now and got myself to try it out. The product that can only be done once every 2 months helps damaged hairs, as well as smoothes and gives added shine. As a Brazilian blowout devotee, this definitely gave me similar results, without the intense chemicals used – the product by L’Oreal didn’t burn my eyes at all, nor was the smell strong. My hairdresser, Mona applied the treatment without gloves, which proved the product wasn’t irritant. The treatment started off with a wash using the Hair Botox range, followed by the treatment on the hair for around 25 minutes – my hair is quite dark, so it stayed on for the maximum. A few minutes before it was ready to be rinsed out, Mona gave me an amazing head massage and this was the Scalp exfoliator – which is another job of the treatment. Once that was done, Mona washed my hair, and finished it off with a blow-dry and straightening it out to close up the cuticles. Upon seeing my hair post treatment, it was super soft and shiny but I was shocked to see my hair color (that took 4 hours to do at Salon Ink four weeks ago was all off, and this was due to the hairdresser not correctly informing me on the ‘side effects’ of this treatment.) Minus the fact that I was completely irritated, and the hairdresser’s response that ‘I can go and get it re colored in a few weeks’, my hair has been frizz free and smooth for over a week now.

I got the treatment done at Tips and toes, Al Barsha.


-Warm Lava Shell Massage at Sisters beauty Lounge

I love massages, love them. I feel the need to try every massage on earth. I recently heard that Sisters beauty lounge introduced the Warm Lava Shell Massage (I love how Sisters are constantly adding to their menu with the hottest treatments, and as I’ve never heard of it – I was intrigued.) I headed to their Dubai Mall branch, they pretty much have a spa within the lounge – perfectly located by the grand entrance of the mall. I was directed to the bar, and was met by my therapist, Jesusa to fill out a consultation form for the 60 minute treatment. I was then made my way into the massage therapy room. I love spas that are straight to business, as I like to go in, get the treatment, and leave – but again, that might not be for everyone. My therapist, Jesusa mentioned that I was in for a treatment due to the fact that I like firm massages, as they do have to start with a firm massage, before applying the hot Lava shells. Using Cowshed essential oils, I got a deep & firm massage on my back followed by the tiger striped clams on the back using a swedish massage technique (when they mix the shell with minerals, it causes a chemical reaction to heat up.) I was told to let my therapist know if it gets too hot at the beginning, however I enjoyed the heat on my tense muscles. It was also good to know that the massage is eco friendly, due to the fact that the shells from the South Pacific are 100% recyclable. For more details, click here


-Bootcamp for butts at Sensasia Spa

With the Summer already here, it’s all about giving your body a quick fix. One of my favorite spas, Sensasia have come out with Bootcamp for butts and Bootcamp for tums treatments using Mama Mio products. I went in to try the butts (as they focus on the thighs too!) The hour long treatment includes a rigorous massage on the thighs and butt using Shrink to fit and skin tight products to exfoliate, and firm the skin. Personally, I think exercise and a good diet make a good body, but slenderizing and body firming treatments do help with reducing cellulite and encouraging firmness of the skin.

PS when you get the treatment done, you get offered 10% off Right Bite. For more details, click here.