5 minutes with... Alice Temperley.

June 9
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Wearing a gorgeous crochet top from Candella Boutique, Village Mall

Wearing a gorgeous crochet top from Candella Boutique, Village Mall


I was recently in Doha, Qatar invited by Salam stores to attend the opening of Alice Temperley’s store opening at the Gate Mall as the exclusive media from the UAE. I had the chance to sit down with Alice before the opening. We spoke about the Middle East, the importance of making decisions, and her obsession with Dragon’s blood.


Is it your first time here in Qatar?

It is my first time here in Qatar! I’ve been here for about 45 minutes. 2 hours to see a bit of Qatar before the event tonight and leaving early tomorrow morning.


and you were just in Dubai…

yes, for a few days. Trip in Dubai was great! We shot our bridal campaign in the desert. Phoned my friend, and caught dinner with some ladies before heading here. We were there for 6 days, and it was amazing.


When was your last trip to the Middle East?

3 years and a half ago, when I met your mom.


How important is the Middle East to your brand?

I think it’s really really relevant. I love coming down seeing the culture, meeting clients – There is a demand, and the collections are selling really well here. We are going to be focusing more on the region.


Why Qatar?

Salam approached us and wanted to develop retail with us. It seemed like the right partnership.


What inspires you?

My team and my natural love for detail and clothes. You need to constantly be inspired to pull a business off the ground.


You design a Bridal, RTW, and Alice by Temperley? How do you get inspired for each line?

Now, they’re going to be much more about one brand, one inspiration rather than separate brands. It depends on whether you want a bridal piece, a formal gown, or more of a casual one. You can do lots and lots of things, but at the end you realize what you’re good at, and focus on that. We are really focusing on strength at the moment, and making everything seem like one brand.


What was one thing you wish you knew earlier on in your career?

How hard it was going to be… *laughs* The hours I’d have to sacrifice. If I would have to do it all again, I would’ve definitely not had the energy. I think it would kill me…


What has been your ultimate career highlight?

The next 6 months… launching online. Of course getting an MBE, but this is definitely an exciting time for the business. So my career highlight is in reach I would say.


Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Just get on with it… I can’t bear when people can’t make decisions. Do you like it? Yes. Do you like it? No. I always trust my instincts. It would have been a disaster if I didn’t, I’d never get anything done.


What are your Summer plans?

Fun fairytale weekend, and most of the time my office. Maybe a little trip to the South of France for the weekend. I’m going to Lake Como to design fabrics (for work) but at least I’m in Como.


What is your top travel destination?

I love romantic places… Tuscany.


What are you Summer essentials?

Good music, lots of sundresses and good people.


Beauty essentials for the summer?

Argan oil for the hair. I’m also loving Rodial’s dragon blood moisturizer at the moment.