May 1

Victoria’s Secret have an online Summer project they work on, which goes by the tagline – ‘Big World, Teeny Bikini’ where the Teeny Bikini travels the world. This year, they asked me alongside a few bloggers to take part in the project. My bikini was everywhere from the palm, to the tallest building of the world – Burj Khalifa. For more details, click here. Join in on the fun, and share your Teeny Bikini’s adventures.

Details on how to take part…

Share your #VSTeenyBikini on
Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest!
DO tweet pix of your bikini on an adventure.
DO use hashtag #VSTeenyBikini (otherwise, we can’t find you).
DO include a cute caption!
DON’T include yourself (or anyone else) in the shot. Remember,
the bikini is the star here.
DON’T make us have to filter your post. Please keep captions PG-13.
DON’T violate the rights of others (example: copyright or right
of publicity).
DO check back to see your pic at
DO retweet, pin & share your fave #VSTeenyBikini pix.

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