My Beauty Routine by Supermodel, Jessica Hart.

April 20


This week, the beautiful supermodel… Jessica Hart shares her beauty routine, her detox juice mix and the workouts she loves.

-My Beauty Routine… is the bare minimum – shower, moisturize, sunscreen, go.

-Beauty product I swear by: RMS Beauty illuminating highlighter.

-Vitamin supplements I take: Fish oil, Multi vitamin, glucosamine.

-Perfect detox juice mix:  a mix of beets, carrot, ginger, and apple.

-Favorite healthy dish: grilled fish and veggies

-My Dermatologist: Spazio, Melbourne.

-My Fitness routine: mix it up, change it up, try everything, do anything, just do it. I work out with a trainer as well as do specialized classes like Chaise23 and Soul Cycle.

-Body:  I’m not really to fussy there, at best I moisturize.

-Hair Miracle: kevin murphy treatment oil – I put it in when my hair is wet – just through the ends.. it saves my hair.

-Key to feeling beautiful? being confident and an awesome work out make you feel pretty good.