If we had to choose one skincare product to use on a daily basis, what should it be?

April 17

Photo: Acneskinsite

With the success of Fit Series, introducing the beauty version with Beauty series. We have an exciting round up of Beauty experts, who will be answering regular beauty questions. As Skincare products are quite the investment, This is a popular question most women ask.

This is a very tricky question! Let’s assume you wash your skin only with water, you definitively need to put a cream right after cleansing. But for me, this cream has to bring hydration, fight free radicals, improve firmness and elasticity. Like our Anti-Aging Restorative Moisturize does. And if I may, I would add my serum because a serum is a unique “weapon”, it stimulates the cells immediately and contains many actives. The cream works more as a barrier. Serum + cream is what we call the Power Duo at Radical”

-Liz Edlich
 Co-Founder, Radical Skincare


I often see clients who cheat on their cleansing and for me this is the most important and basic step in your skincare routine for clearer, brighter, glowing skin. Spend 1-2 minutes working with your cleanser in upwards circular movements to clean deep into the pores, focus on any congested areas with smaller circular motions. I often give my clients  a 2 week cleansing challenge getting them to focus on a good daily cleanse which is perfect for creating a clearer and healthier looking skin in a matter of weeks. Cleansing will also allow your serums and moisturisers to work more efficiently on the skin as it is cleared of blockages and dead cells allowing these products to penetrate more efficiently for enhanced delivery and results.

-Sarah Chapman
Celebrity Facialist


Choosing one skin care product is impossible. I could not do it but since I have to I would choose Carrot Butter Cleanser. The reason is that cleansing is so important and many cleansers really strip the skin of moisture leaving it dehydrated, irritated and sensitive. This also means that the rest of someone’s routine, serums, moisturizers etc would not work properly.  Carrot Butter cleanser is a treatment cleanser, it melts into the skin and infuses it with incredible ingredients such as carrot, Shea butter, rosemary, lavender and chamomile so it melts and dissolves all make up and pollution and it treats the skin at the same time. It balances oily skin and soothes dry skin so its perfect for everyone. The hot muslin cloth also gently exfoliates leaving the skin, soft smooth and fresh.

-Margo and Francesco Marrone
Founders of The Organic Pharmacy