5 minutes with... Peter Pilotto & Christopher De Vos.

April 25
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The Peter Pilotto boys – Peter himself, and Christopher De Vos were recently down in Dubai with the team for an event and trunk show. It was so great to meet the boys over tea, who are doing so well in the region, as well as seeing collections up close at the Ritz DIFC. I spoke to the boys about the fashion in the Middle East, their hopes to visit the rest of the region, and their advice for women who don’t know how to wear prints.

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Is it your first time in Dubai?


Peter Pilotto – It is for me!

Christoper De Vos – Not my first time, grew up in Abu Dhabi. I was there till 1992 – I studied at the French school. It’s so good to be here…


What are your thoughts on fashion here in the Middle East?


Peter – There is definitely a need here for Fashion here, and people are very stylish… they celebrate it in a way. It was so great seeing the energy at the Grazia Style awards.

Christopher – I’d love to see more of the Middle East. We’ve been hearing so much about how every country here is different.

Peter – We sell in over 45 countries, 200 stores. So we really love traveling and checking out those cities after the shows. You assume things about cities, so it’s always good to see the real thing.

Christopher – We’re heading to Brazil next week to launch the brand, which is fun.


How did you guys meet?


Christopher – We met each other when we were studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Peter – We met there, I started the brand before we teamed up… which is why it’s under my name. Spring 2008 was our first collection.


How did the partnership start?


Christopher – You know what, we never really worked together but we would both push each other, criticize each other…

Peter – Looking at each others work was always a healthy competition, because we were always impressed with each other’s works. We also have different strengths and weaknesses, but have the same taste.


How do you split the work?


Christopher – We tend to work together… we don’t argue as much anymore. *laughs* Peter works more on the colors, where as I work more on the shapes.

Peter – We understand that we both have different minds, and realized we won’t understand what’s going in each other’s heads.


What are you working on now?


Cruise & Spring ’14.


Who is the Peter Pilotto girl?


Peter – What’s exciting is we have different girls who love the brand – different types of women.

Christopher – We’ve heard some people who used to never wear prints, wear our prints!


What advice would you give women who don’t know how to wear prints?


Christopher – You have to be confident – there are different ways you can wear prints. Digital prints are more flexible.

Peter – You can break it down with something else, or wear a whole look.


It’s been such an exciting year for you guys! What has been the highlight?


Christopher – The last couple of years have been amazing. We are growing so fast globally, which has been very exciting.

Peter – It’s always a highlight seeing women wearing our clothes. We love seeing it on real women more than a model, worn in their own way.