5 minutes with... Diane Von Furstenberg.

March 20
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DVF is one of those brands I love, but I’m also inspired by the woman behind the brand. This week, I speak to the influential woman behind this prominent, yet lighthearted brand. We spoke about the DVF woman, how to wear prints, the Middle East & Social Media. Shop the collection at here.


Who is the DVF girl?

The DVF girl is glamorous, sexy, bold, sophisticated, strong, empowered…she is the woman she wants to be!


What advice would you give women who stay away from prints?

I think you should do what makes you feel comfortable and what feels the most natural, but it is always nice to mix it up and experiment with playful prints.


You’ve been to the Middle East. What are your thoughts on the region?

I think the Middle East is fascinating…It is wonderful to have a presence and I would like to spend more time there.


How important is social media to you?

I have always been about dialogue and intimacy and social media just allows for even more of that…I love Twitter, Flipboard, Instagram…it is all great and very exciting !


How do you maintain such a balance in your life?

I think if you are being true to yourself in everything that you do it is very easy for it all to work together…my family, my company, my friends, my office, my home, even my refrigerator, they are all a reflection of who I am.


You are great at giving advice, what has been the best advice you have been given?

My mother taught me that Fear is not an option…and I have always remembered that. It has helped me to take risks I might not have taken otherwise.