My Bastien Beauty Experience.

February 8
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I have been hearing about the Bastien pedicure, and that once I try it… I’ll never go back.

So, Naturally… I had to try it out. The Bastien Manicure & Pedicure was developed by Bastien Gonzalez and is available at several one & only spas  around the world. I booked myself in for an appointment at the Atlantis spa. As soon as I made my way to the ShuiQi spa, I was welcomed by my therapists, Clement and Trishna – both who were trained by Bastien. I was led to my own room with the comfiest chair bed, and a water like pillow (bliss!).

The interesting thing with Bastien’s concept is the fact that no water is used, and there are only a few simple products, yet super effective. Rather than cutting or pushing down my cuticles, a light drill was used to remove the dead skin around my nails – wish salons would start doing this… My skin around my nails usually turn pick after a session of excess cuticle cutting, this time they didn’t even change in color, and I didn’t feel an inch of discomfort. Once that was done, a mask was applied on my nails which included Vitamin E and Chamomile to hydrate my nails. To make sure they were soft too, a gentle exfoliator with crushed pearls was applied and rubbed on. A buffer was used in between the steps to build a strong shine on my nails.

Done with the nails and off to the skin. Rather than using a scrub, a blade was used for the dead skin on the heels and bottom of the feet (this didn’t hurt at all) I was shocked how it completely removed all the excess hard skin that actually continue building and makes wearing heels uncomfortable. Once that was over, the lights were dimmed and I was given a feet and hand massage (best, best part!).

Bastien’s belief is that nail polish is make up, and should be removed after an event etc. They recommend that you don’t get any polish put on your nails. I decided to keep my hands polish free and add a nude tone to my feet (they have Ciate & Essie nailpolish at the Atlantis Spa) It has been a few days since my Bastien treatment and my nails are still shiny.

I am a Bastien convert.