Myfashdiary experiences... Haute Manicure @ The Nail Spa, Dubai.

January 23
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Dubai is known for their extensive lists of fab nail salon around the city. I have a handful of places I consider my ultimate favorites… and The Nail Spa is one of them. I tend to visit the Mercato branch (the busiest one out of all, so do check out the other branches) This time, instead of getting an actually manicure and color done, I went over to try out their Haute Manicure, which they launched for their tenth anniversary. This Haute/Luxe manicure is a superb treat for the nails – we are constantly covering them up with nail colors that dehydrate them and cause them to discolor.

The process is similar to a regular manicure but also includes a hand soak in hot sweet almond oil (bliss!) as well as an oil hand massage. Not only do you feel like you can leave with perfect & prim nails, your hands end up feeling moisturized and pampered. The therapist recommended that I don’t end up topping my nails with a color as the whole point of the treatment is to let the oil absorb naturally, as well as the fact that the oils might chip the nails within a day or two.